POLWELT revisits the STOM expo and joins the exhibitors' fellowship

13 february 2023
The STOM-TOOL Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools Expo is held from 28 to 31 March 2023. The exhibitors are already preparing industry novelties to showcase, and one of the companies joining the expo is POLWELT

POLWELT has been in business since 1991. POLWELT is a large supplier of metalworking machines and equipment, complemented with a wide range of premium brands’ appliances.  High quality of products, qualified technical advice as well as reliability complemented investments process dependability - these are the company’s distinctive features.  The promotion activities related to the machines on offer encompass trade fairs, with STOM-TOOL which enjoys the top priority among the expos POLWELT showcases at.  This year’s STOM is held in spring as usual.  feel to visit the POLWELT expo stand where the latest and most innovative solutions for the metal industry will be presented.

Hydraulic 4-plate sheet rolling machine Promau Davi, MCA series.  POLWELT will present the MCA rolling machine by Davi which has already gained broad-scale market recognition. The machine with the latest innovative solutions on board; hydraulics and new software functions at the user’s fingertips.

Zwijarka-Davi-1.jpg [228.95 KB]

ARKU's Ecomaster 30 precision in sheet metal straightener.  STOM   offers the company’s customers with the opportunity to see the Arku plate straightening machine and enjoy hands-on experience - try and tests the machine live. The multi-roller system allows for effective material stress reduction after cutting, e.g. after the laser trimming process.
Ecomaster-30.jpg [134.30 KB]

The company will present the offer of Waterjet - a manufacturer of water jet machines by Flow. This includes cutting heads, pumps and abrasives.

RSA.png [245.21 KB]

Pipe-ends grinding equipment and RSA profiles, including complete automated disc cutting, brushing, washing and palletizing stations for pipes and profiles.

Schwarze.jpg [100.66 KB]

The POLWELT expo stand also features mandrel benders for pipes with the two-direction bending option and programmable pipe bending cells intended for serial production.

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