The Industrial Spring is the place to meet the STYLE CNC Machines’ portfolio and become familiar with the company's offer!

09 january 2023
The company with Dutch roots revisits the STOM-TOOL the Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools to exhibit at Targi Kielce

STYLES CNC Machines manufactures CNC machines for the production of single details and small series. The innovative control system is the heart of STYLE -  a very easy-to-use CNC control system for both beginners and experienced operators.

211006-BT1500-s.jpg [979.24 KB]

The STYLE software is unique owing to the extensive functionalities range - no other company in the world is able to offer such a full range;  just a few clicks and the minimum number of values entered into the system makes each edit immediately visible on the 19″ touchscreen. In addition, the CNC software has been specially developed for quick and easy drawing and manufacturing of single parts and small series. The company specialises in metalworking machines - milling machines and lathes.

We invite you to visit the STYLE CNC expo stand during STOM-TOOL held from 28 to 31 March.

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