EKOTECH (23-24.02.2022)

22nd Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH

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Ekotech: municipal industry, waste management and disposal, environmental protection. One-stop-shop for the whole industry

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For over 20 years, EKOTECH has brought together industry entrepreneurs and business insiders, representatives of local governments and scientific milieus. EKOTECH has offered the opportunity to learn about the latest equipment, technologies, recognise trends regarding waste management and environment protection.

Ekotech is one of Poland’s most meaningful events of communal services expos;  the upcoming exhibition welcomes its guests on 23 and 24 February. Every year, the Kielce exhibition and congress centre hosts the leading domestic and foreign companies - exhibitors from the environment protection and waste management business sector.  The event also enjoys unflagging popularity among visitors. Not only do industry entrepreneurs visit the trade show - there are also public administration employees and representatives of scientific milieus. 

Many exhibitors emphasise that Ekotech is the place to present their offer to a broad audience and much more;- the show is the perfect event to sign contracts and equipment supply agreements. 

There is no better place for your company!

Ekotech welcomes owners of production companies that offer litter bins, quick emptying machines, biodegradable waste bags, as well as machines designed for keeping public space clean can present their offer to numerous visitors.

It is worth noting that the EKOTECH guests are selected at random - they are representatives of public institutions, owners of industrial companies as well as local government officials.  The Kielce event is the platform where exhibitors meet their contractors, find leads and sign cooperation declarations and contracts.   

Waste management - the industry’s growing importance

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the municipal sector’s growing importance.  Not only has proper disposal of medical waste was the top-list topic. Employees safety in waste collection and segregation companies were pivotal last year. Not only for the industry but also for each of us fount these issues crucial. Appropriate sterilisation equipment provision, as well as safe work-procedures development, are to be discussed at the upcoming EKOTECH Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair.

ekotech - technologia dla ekologii

Versus Virus

A brand new showroom is a response to post-pandemic reality. Solutions designed to increase sanitary and epidemiological safety will be presented at the expo for the first time. The Versus Virus Showroom responds to the expectations of owners, managers and suppliers; all those face the task of providing appropriate equipment, materials and measures to increase the safety of people in companies’ and institutions’ premises. This exhibition section welcomes producers of protective means and devices, appliances for surfaces and rooms disinfection. Ozonation, fogging and spraying - these and many other techniques on show.

Industry-leading conferences - the top of the tops!

Knowledge sharing and dissemination are one of the most important objectives of the Ekotech;  the event abounds wits conferences are targeted at industry specialists as well as local government officials, all those who shape communal services policy in cities and communes.

The Waste Management Forum has already become a permanent fixture on the expo calendar;  public administration staff are offered the chance to participate in local governments-targeted meetings.  The Ekotech enjoys a long-standing tradition - a rich and diversified programme of accompanying events which are attended by business-insiders and professionals is the expo hallmark.


12 october 2021
Photovoltaic panels recycling is in its early stage in Poland. In our country, there are plants which collect used photovoltaic panels, however, there is very little waste of this kind. Recyclers should now collect larger amounts of used panels
21 september 2021
The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster organised a conference open for all, which featured the experts talking on plastics and innovations aimed at closing the circulation-loop of raw materials. The event proved to be very popular among those who could take part in the meeting both in a traditional form as well as in an on-line format
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