Ekotech expo features solutions that shape the future of the Polish waste management and recycling sector

ekotech-2024-galeria-21.jpg [169.44 KB] For years Ekotech has been a barometer for current trends in ecological technologies, one-stop-shop for the municipal industry. The industry is offered the opportunity to learn about the latest development directions of environmental protection solutions. This year's event was held in April - this is a new date. Ekotech attracted almost 80 companies presenting the latest achievements in recycling and waste management. For the first time, the Autostrada Expo and the Hackathon bioeconomy competition were held at the same time.

This year's Ekotech hosted a large group of representatives of local governments, waste management specialists and leaders from the municipal industry. Not only was the Kielce meeting the opportunity to exchange experiences and establish cooperation, but also to gain knowledge about the latest industry trends. - Importantly, we also pay more and more attention to waste segregation;  We have a lot to do in this area i.e. waste management. Thus our event is undoubtedly needed and will further develop - said the president of Targi Kielce, Doctor Andrzej Mochoń.

Eco-innovations and novelties presented at Ekotech

ekotech-2024-galeria-35.jpg [163.88 KB] Ekotech featured experts and companies from all over the country; they exchanged experiences, shared  knowledge, shaped the future of municipal solutions. Municipal management must use ecological, economical, but also ergonomic solutions;  Visitors to the 24th Ekotech could learn about a modern approach to waste management. This year's exhibitors have put forward many solutions that will not only increase the efficiency of recycling companies but also facilitate the implementation of legal changes that await us next year.

The bill provides that the scheme starts in January, and it applies to single-use plastic beverage bottles with a capacity of up to three liters and metal cans with a capacity of up to one liter, and the deposit will be 50 grosz. Ekotech was the stage for AKE Technologies; the firm presented a modular reverse-vending machine,  particularily useful when the deposit system is intoroduced - Our device recognises bottles that udergo the deposit system by barcode scanning. Even if the user tries to cheat the system and paste the code, the machine detects irregularity. – said Marcin Derenda from AKE Technologies, the system provider for sorting, pressing and storing returnable packaging. – The device can be placed anywhere, it is mobile, so it is a good solution, e.g. during events and concerts. – adds the company's president.

The modernisation of the BDO system (Waste Database) introduced in 2020 is proposed by TwojaBDO;  it offers a platform that revolutionises the way waste is managed. – The basic version of the BDO system is not friendly to recycling companies  as it does not have many functionalities and is therefore not very ergonomic. YourBDO works as a browser extension;  we modify the government website, adding various functions - says Krzysztof Fidoń - The larger the company, the more cards it has to complete, the better this solution is for them. – adds the company representative.

The search for ergonomic solutions also guided the creators of the CitySolar bin. CitySolar – is an intelligent container with a waste compressing press installed is powered by PV system. The drive is also solar-energy powered. Therefore, we gain space while reducing expenses and carbon footprint - Martyna Samson - This Scandinavian solution will work well in public places, schools and large companies. – she adds.

ekotech-2024-galeria-24.jpg [153.37 KB] The electric garbage truck of the Auto Moto Projekt Group also uses renewable energy. The innovation is that the garbage truck is powered directly by its own batteries, which we do not connect to traction batteries. Thus, the vehicle can travel 250 kilometres, a truck milage in the urban, 8 hours cycle. – says Michał Zubilewicz - We tested the solution in several cities, where it worked brilliantly. – boasts the company's founder.

This year's Ekotech also hosted Globtrak Polska which premiered a four- camera system equipped with an artificial intelligence module - The solution is primarily aimed at improving the safety of people near the vehicle during the waste collection process in the city. The system is designed to support young drivers in maneuvering municipal vehicles – added Rafał Chaba from Globtrak Polska.

Odzyskaj Środowisko Foundation [Regain Environment], MB Recycling, PolKa - Polska Kaucja [Polish Deposits] and GECON exhibited together at the Ekotechand presented the practical dimension of recycling, offering new solutions in circular economy and ecological education. The presentation included beautiful chess pieces made of recycled materials, as well as parts of cables and refrigerators. The Recover the Environment Foundation proudly presented recycled hives made from a washing machine drum.

Recycling of waste, photovoltaic panels and vehicles, deposit system - the main issues of industry meetings at Ekotech

ekotech-2024-galeria-19.jpg [136.74 KB] The International Waste Management Forum on trends and challenges facing the waste sector has been organised for the tenth time, and it has become the expo tradition. - Kielce is an ideal place for such a forum - said the meeting organiser, Andrzej Bednarek, president of AK NOVA, at the opening ceremony - although we are from Poznań, we have organised this forum at the EKOTECH in Kielce for 10 years and that will not change. This year's MIFOD was held under the banner of "ES", standing for "System Effectiveness", with the participation of featured guests from Slovakia, Portugal and Italy. The talks on innovative waste collection systems, waste collection control systems, as well as barriers to achieving higher levels of recycling were in the heart of the conference. On the initiative of the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations Eko-Auto and the Ekolog company, two meetings "Ecologist for companies" and "Ecologist for Local Governments" were held within the scope of the Ekotech Expo. The issue of abandoned cars on city streets and environmental audits were discussed. The YouTubers' zone at the Enex expo has proven very popular. "Start of the deposit system. Significance for consumers and business" organised by PolKa-Polska Kaucja featured the importance of introducing a deposit system in Poland and the impact on business and consumers. The speakers list included industry specialists, Sebastian Anioł from InPost, Filip Piotrowski, circular economy specialist at UNEP/GRID, Marek Mateja - SUP implementation coordinator, Marcel Rakowski PolKa - Polska Kaucja and Ewa Badowska-Domagała, legal advisor. Experts unanimously admitted that the deposit system is necessary in Poland and that it is possible to properly prepare its introduction, despite many challenges. For the first time, a conference devoted to the challenges for recycling photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries for electromobility was held at Ekotech; the event was organised by Waste Management and Recycling Cluster. The session brought togeter public administration, entrepreneurs and all those interested in environmental protection and municipal waste management. Ekotech agenda also included a training and information conference organised by the FORS Car Recycling Forum Association; the latest trends and regulations in the vehicle recycling industry, the deregulatory package and ESG were discussed in detail. At the conference opening lecture Adam Małyszko, president of the Car Recycling Forum Association (FORS), emphasised, the vehicle recycling industry will develop;  advanced recycling technologies enable the recovery of more valuable raw materials from vehicles that reach the end of their life cycle. However, there are many threats to the market. The expo participants were offered free advice from experts at the Mobile Information Point of European Funds, organised by the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship's Marshal Office. The attractions galore for industry visitors included two competitions with prizes from Santrade: a knowledge competition and a skill competition. The prizes in these competitions went to PUH RUCHAŁA and Jarmet.

Polish-Ukrainian Forum at Ekotech 

For the first time the April Targi Kielce Ekotech welcomed the  national stand of Ukrainian companies organised by the Centre for Ecology and Economic Promotion and the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Center. - Our guests, a delegation from Ukrainian cities, are here to share what the cities have to offer, their expectations and what they would like to do. These are the silent heroes on whose shoulders the fate of the inhabitants rests,  they care for their webeing, life, food and housing amid the noise the bombs and drones generate - emphasised Czesław Roll, President of Board at the Centre for Ecology and Economic Promotion. The Ecotech's Ukraine cooperation zone witnessed numerous meetings between representatives of several cities and communes from Ukraine and representatives of the Kielce city authorities and local business. The mayors of Ukrainian cities and municipalities - Zviahel, Korostien, Poltava, Uman, Boyarka and Zhytomyr were active event participants;  the guests discussed Polish experiences in urban modernisation, development opportunities for Ukrainian cities and ways of possible cooperation.

Awards and Distinction presented at the EKOTECH

This year's Ekotech awading ceremony was the place to recogise innovative solutions in the environmental protection and waste management domain. Companies' attractive and modern style of their trade fair presentation also gained accolades. The following products received distinctions at the expo:

  • APRIVA for the ZEN electric sweeper,
  • EcoHydroCarbon for thermal transformation of polymer waste,
  • Globtrak Polska for the GT AI Globtrak vision system,
  • Ekorum for the educational and information campaign related to waste management carried out for MZGOK in Janczyce.

Awards of the 24th  International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo were preentd to

  • ECO_UTILITY Ecoutility for the electronic garbage gazebo,
  • BARTESKO PW, BARTŁOMIEJ SKOWROŃSKI, for a mobile electric device for municipal works,
  • Auto Moto Projekt Group for a fully electric garbage truck.

TARGI KIELCE TOP DESIGN - Distinctions for elegance and innovative exhibition presentation style were presented to  Krozmet, Recykl recovery organisation, Kärcher, GP Truck Trading, Zeppelin Polska and Melex. TOP DESIGN AWARDS for original, elegant and comprehensive expo presentation were presented to MB Group, Dreiger and Globtrak Polska. At the end of the gala, Exhibitors celebrating anniversaries were also appreciated. 5th birthday wishes went to YourBDO company. Globtrak Polska celebrates its 15th anniversary. The GP TRUCK TRADING company and the FORS Car Recycling Forum Association have been in the market for a quarter of a century. The Zygmunt J. Głuchowski SC Zygmunt Głuchowski I Helena Głuchowska Kooperacja – Przemysłowo-Handlowa celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the Abrys company celebrates its 35th anniversary. The SaMASZ company has also been operating on the market for over 40 years.

We invite you to join the next 25th Ekotech Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair in 2025!

12 april 2024
Apel do Ministerstwa Środowiska i Klimatu o dopłaty do recyklingu paneli fotowoltaicznych i baterii z samochodów elektrycznych padł podczas konferencji zorganizowanej przez Klaster Gospodarki Odpadowej i Recyklingu podczas targów ochrony środowiska i gospodarki odpadami EKOTECH w Targach Kielce
10 april 2024
The talks during the Ekotech are aimed at creating a platform for exchanging knowledge and establishing partnerships between cities from two countries, Ukraine and Poland. The meeting was fruitful, it abounded in inspiring presentations, valuable discussions and building partnerships
10 april 2024
The 2024 International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH includes the 10th International Waste Management Forum
10 april 2024
Municipal management must use ecological, economical, but also ergonomic solutions; this is required by legal changes and a modern approach to waste management. Visitors to the Ekotech, the trade show which started today at the Kielce exhibition and congress centre, are looking for such solutions
10 april 2024
Municipal management, recycling, ecology and environmental protection - some of the main areas of the 24th International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo, the show which started on 10 April. – We pay more attention to waste management and ecology. This trade fair will significantly develop - said the president of the management board of Targi Kielce, Doctor Andrzej Mochoń, when addressing the public at the opening ceremony.
10 april 2024
The consecutive Ekotech is dedicated to innovations and solutions in waste management and recycling, and the expo has just begun. The exhibition gathered representatives of the municipal industry, experts and all those interested int the expo scope - Wednesday, 10 April to Thursday, 11 April at Targi Kielce is the expo time. This expo has brought together 80 exhibitors from different countries.
08 april 2024
Ekotech (10 and 11 April 2024) features a national expo stand which brings companies from Ukraine. Targi Kielce will host the mayors of Ukrainian cities and municipalities - Zviahel, Korostien, Poltava, Uman, Boyarka and Zhytomyr who have already announced their presence. The guests will discuss Polish experiences in urban modernization, development opportunities for Ukrainian cities, and possible ways to cooperate
05 april 2024
The products presented at the Santrade stand are very popular among Ekotech visitors. Live demonstrations and interesting competitions with prizes are in tehe pipeline. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade show on 10 to 11 April
05 april 2024
YourBDO provides huge time savings and control over waste data handling. The E-21 expo stand is the place to learn what mass transport confirmation looks like, how the intelligent assistant works, and how to use additional analytical tools such as a report generator. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade show on 10 to 11 April
04 april 2024
A vehicle from the Isuzu Trucks group - a phenomenal option for the municipal industry, BYD vehicles and a fully electric garbage truck - these and many other solutions available at the Ekotech Expo -10 and 11 April in Targi Kielce. Vome and visit the Auto Moto Project Group expo stand
03 april 2024
We invite all Ekotech Expo visitors are offered the chance to make most of their visit the Cluster Consultation Point, by the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, National Key Cluster (KGOIR). Specialists are ready to talk to you on the first day of the trade fair
03 april 2024
KING vehicles define the future of waste management. The KING 6+1 automatic garbage truck is one of the revolutionary solutions - the truck has been designed to reduce unnecessary electronics. The machine will be presented on 10 and 11 April at the Ekotech Expo. The expo admission - free, and registration mandatory
03 april 2024
For the first time, a conference devoted to the challenges for recycling photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries for electromobility is held at Ekotech. Specialists’ discussion on recycling challenges of photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries are scheduled for the second expo day, 11 April
02 april 2024
The deposit system in Poland is intended to boost effective packaging management and promote recycling. Therefore, AKE-TECHNOLOGIES, a leader in innovative solutions for the recycling industry, will present its offer at the Ekotech Epxo - 10 and 11 April at Targi Kielce
02 april 2024
The EKOTECH trade show is a perfect opportunity to establish new business contacts and investor relations as well as to find potential domestic customers; Poland is facing significant waste management challenges. Agrex-Eco cannot miss this event. 10 and 11 April at Targi Kielce is when ecology reigns supreme
27 march 2024
The Kärcher company will present the latest municipal sweepers and universal tool carriers that revolutionize urban and industrial spaces tidying - join us for Ekotech Expo. Kärcher is a world leader in innovative cleaning solutions
27 march 2024
The ELTE Group offer targets representatives of municipal companies and local government units responsible for waste management. Ekotech offers the company the chance to present waste weighing systems, container tracking systems, and a module that enables the detection of any irregularities.
25 march 2024
Intertrans, the Authorized Isuzu Trucks Showroom and Service, is one of the exhibitors at this year's Ekotech Expo. 10 to 11 April is when Targi Kielce features the latest municipal industry vehicles
22 march 2024
On the initiative of the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations Eko-Auto and the Ekolog company, two meetings "Ecologist for Companies" and "Ecologist for Local Governments" are held within the scope of the Ekotech Expo. The issue of abandoned cars on city streets and environmental audits are to be discussed
22 march 2024
The Szczot-tech declared its presence at the 24th Ekotech Expo - 10 and 11 April at Targi Kielce. One of the new products offered by the company is a brush that is easy to use and maintain
22 march 2024
R3 Polska will exhibit at this year's Ekotech - 10 and 11 April at Targi Kielce; the company’s main mission is to build the Smart RVM system, motivating the return of beverage packaging
20 march 2024
Targi Kielce, 10 and 11 April welcomes the latest products from Synerbia, the company specialising in the broadly defined digitisation of waste management. The offer includes software for effective waste management in the industrial sector and a transport planning and monitoring system
15 march 2024
The Ekotech environmental protection and waste management expo welcomes Bartesko's latest Electric Transport Vehicle EWTW 2.02 with municipal equipment. The vehicle has been was designed for transport and municipal services
14 march 2024
The upcoming Ekotech (April 10 and 11 in Targi Kielce) also includes the DITTA-SERIA expo stand, the place to see to see a wide range of products that significantly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management. The offer includes DSB-reinforced concrete truck scales, DIECI telescopic loaders and steel structures
11 march 2024
Recycling plants and other industries looking for proven and safe storage solutions are offered products that meet their needs; just pay a visit to the ARBENA expo stand. ARBENA is one of the Ekotech exhibitors - the company presents innovative storage solutions that meet the highest safety and fire resistance standards
04 march 2024
Dirty and neglected streets - many local governments have faced this problem. Debris, leaves, and all kinds of waste create cities’ bad image and pose a threat to residents’ safety. There are ways to combat this problem - Apriva jons the Ekotech exo (April 10-11 at Targi Kielce” to show them all
04 march 2024
The Krozmet company has been in business for over 15 years; a successful player in the recycling, technological transport, industry and agricultural equipment sectors. This is a strong brand whose offer will be available on April 10 and 11 at the Ekotech Expo
04 march 2024
Ekotech offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the Frugal® fleet - ecology is one of the company’s main priorities. This is a brand created by people with a passion for low-speed electric vehicles. Come and see them on 10-11 April at Targi Kielce
01 march 2024
The issues related to the deposit system and broadly defined recycling are one of the leading topics of this year's Ekotech. The meeting devoted to "Start of the deposit system. “Significance for consumers and business” ia the part of the second day’s agenda, i.e.11 April at Targi Kielce.
01 march 2024
MB Group creates eight unique brands - leaders in their fields. MB Group offers a complementary catalogue of services in recycling, circular economy and sustainable development. Specialists will present their offer at the Ekotech expo stand from April 10 to 11
01 march 2024
A team of experts from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship Marshal's Office has been actively participating in the Ekotech Expo for years; they share their knowledge and experience related to environmental protection and waste management with Ekotech visitors. Join us on 10 and 11 April at Targi Kielce and make the most of the expertise
27 february 2024
Expo centres in Poland and abroad, organisers of all kinds of events expect to see ecological carpeting solutions. The company that will present the most advantageous technology at Targi Kielce's event (April 10 and 11) will find customers worldwide. 29 February is the deadline to register for the Targi Kielce Hackathon
15 december 2023
The KazWaste Waste Management Association conducts joint activities with large international organisations and leading Kazakh companies operating in the recycling sector. A memorandum was signed with the Kielce exhibition and congress centre; this establishes long-term cooperation in the industry between two countries, Poland and Kazakhstan
13 december 2023
Ekotech Expo (10 to 11 April 2024) Targi Kielce hosts a national expo stand of companies from Ukraine. Meetings of representatives of city and commune authorities from Ukraine with representatives of the Kielce city authorities and local business are a part of the agenda. The talks' agenda includes development of Ukrainian cities and investment processes.
03 november 2023
The October talks between Targi Kielce representatives and the management board of the KazWaste association from Almaty were devoted to business cooperation at municipal industry expo. The participation of Kazakh exhibitors and visitors in Ekotech, as well as the promotion of expo in this region were discussed.