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EKOTECH has been held at Targi Kielce for twenty-one years. The expo is a great place to develop and enhance business and investor relations. EKOTECH also offers the chance to find prospective customers at home and abroad, entities which are ready to take up waste management challenges.  The ENEX / ENEX New Energy were held in parallel with EKOTECH in February 2020. The expo cluster attracted a total of 8,000 visitors and 176 companies from 14 countries.

For many years EKOTECH has enjoyed entrepreneurs' high reputation - companies join the expo as visitors or put up their expo stand here. They all recognise the tangible benefits offered by the event. Entrepreneurs highly regard and compliment the Kielce exhibition's continuous development. They also emphasise the enormous transformation which has taken place in recent years, both in terms of the Centre's image and the wealth of expo events.

ekotech - technologia dla ekologii TRAINING AND MEETINGS 

Not only is the EKOTECH ranked high among the business sector's events, the showcase for an abundance of equipment and technological solutions. The trade show also offers conferences, workshops, brokerage meetings and practical training sessions galore.  



Targi Kielce's standards, efficient and swift service in addition to reasonable prices encourage to join the events.


It is worth being a part of the trade show. 

EKOTECH has proven to be very popular -  exhibitors and visitors know that the Internet cannot possibly replace this type of meetings. Expos are an ideal platform for face-to-face conversations with prospective partners or clients. A relatively short time slot at the exhibition is a perfect chance to hold a number of conversations - this is the way to save time and money.

We look forward to seeing you at the ENEX and ENEX New Energy - 28 and 29 April 2021!

28 january 2021
Only 52 percent of Poles can properly segregate the waste they generate. According to a study conducted by the Symetria agency, Poles face the most problems with choosing the right container to put the waste in. Deodorant cans, milk cartons or light bulbs pose the greatest challenge. A lack of legible markings on the containers may be the reason for the situation
12 january 2021
Entrepreneurs placing packaged products on the Polish market pay the lowest recycling fees compared to other EU member-states. This causes a collapse in the secondary raw materials market, making selective waste collection unprofitable. The changes are to be brought about by the system of extended producer responsibility (ROP)
07 december 2020
In mid-November, the Sejm - lower chamber of the Polish Parliament adopted a draft act amending the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities. The adopted bill contains the preparation levels for reuse and recycling of municipal waste which communes will be obliged to achieve in the years 2021-2035.
26 november 2020
On 23 November the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka, will appoint the ministry advisory team to deal with waste management
24 november 2020
The Ministry of Climate and the Chief Sanitary Inspector have issued guidelines regarding waste management for refuse generated by households with COVID-19 infected members. The safety of people working in the waste management industry is paramount, so we encourage you to read the guidelines
18 september 2020
Recent months have demonstrated the importance of a safe, hygienic common space. This trend will undoubtedly see the continuation. The EKOTECH organisers have already noticed the trend and resolved to include the industry's section associated with cleaning and disinfecting machines into the expo's products and services range
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