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Ekotech - environmentally friendly expo

ekotech-2023-zdjecie-01.jpg [82.68 KB] Municipal management, recycling, ecology and environmental protection – these are some of the main areas of the 24th  International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo. The Kielce municipal industry meeting offers the opportunity to learn about the latest solutions in the waste management sector. The upcoming expo is held from 10 to 11 April 2024 in Targi Kielce. At the same time, the Autostrada New Infrastructure - the infrastructural construction festival is held simultaneously.

One stop shop for the whole industry

Ekotech annual expo is the presentation arena for the business sector's leading companies; the products and services portfolio includes cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking solutions. The expo welcomes manufacturers of machines and equipment used in waste management, manufacturers of waste transport solutions, services related to waste segregation. The previous 23rd event hosted over 60 companies featuring novelties and premiere solutions. The Exhibitors' wide and diversified offer includes recycling devices, machines for reducing the volume of waste and recyclable materials, weed killers and mobile car washes, and warehouses for the recycling industry. The exhibitors' milieu also includes companies dealing with the disposal of medical and veterinary waste and companies offering intelligent waste management systems.

Premiere presentations and shows at Ekotech 

ekotech-2023 The EKOTECH International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo is the stage for premiere presentations of the most modern equipment and solutions targeted at the municipal industry. Visitors to the previous trade fair had the opportunity to learn about the latest models of industrial shredders for the waste management industry from Untha, modern waste processing presses from Eurocentrum Polska, the latest Mamut eco-crushers for waste compression. An intelligent waste bin from Bine and an innovative device for returning beverage containers and settling deposits from R3 Polska were also in the limelight.

Knowledge-packed meetings at the Kielce expo centre

Accompanying events plethora means that there are knowledge-abundant conferences, forums and seminars. These sessions are an inseparable element of the Kielce meeting of the municipal industry. For many years, Ekotech has hosted AK Nova ind its International Waste Management Forum, the source of information about planned changes, trends, and challenges faced by the waste sector and local governments. Upon the initiative of the Department of Environment and Waste Management of the Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship, the conference   "Together We Create Ekological Świętokrzyskie" has been held; the circular economy is the leitmotif of the sessions series. The expo agenda includes events organised by the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations Eko-Auto and meetings devoted to environmental protection and waste management offered by Ekolog. Every year, visitors to the Ekotech International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo can also participate in competitions with valuable prizes.

The industry best of the best with special accolades

A permanent point of the Ekotech expo - the gala awarding of medals and distinctions for the most cutting-edge and best industry products. Last year, several innovative solutions were distinguished and among them, the software for waste recording and data management in the BDO register, an application for managing data on the inventory of heat sources and weed removers for ecological weed removal. Trade fair medals and awards for best expo presentations are also presented.

24th International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo – 10&11 April 2024. At the same time, the Autostrada New Infrastructure - the infrastructural construction festival is also held.

27 february 2024
Expo centres in Poland and abroad, organisers of all kinds of events expect to see ecological carpeting solutions. The company that will present the most advantageous technology at Targi Kielce's event (April 10 and 11) will find customers worldwide. 29 February is the deadline to register for the Targi Kielce Hackathon
15 december 2023
The KazWaste Waste Management Association conducts joint activities with large international organisations and leading Kazakh companies operating in the recycling sector. A memorandum was signed with the Kielce exhibition and congress centre; this establishes long-term cooperation in the industry between two countries, Poland and Kazakhstan
13 december 2023
Ekotech Expo (10 to 11 April 2024) Targi Kielce hosts a national expo stand of companies from Ukraine. Meetings of representatives of city and commune authorities from Ukraine with representatives of the Kielce city authorities and local business are a part of the agenda. The talks' agenda includes development of Ukrainian cities and investment processes.
03 november 2023
The October talks between Targi Kielce representatives and the management board of the KazWaste association from Almaty were devoted to business cooperation at municipal industry expo. The participation of Kazakh exhibitors and visitors in Ekotech, as well as the promotion of expo in this region were discussed.