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A roof over your head - the key to success!

dach-forum-2022-galeria-01.jpg [234.12 KB] The Roof Forum - the event marks the year opening in the roofing industry - save the date for 14 and 15 January 2023 and join us at Targi Kielce. The second edition of Poland's largest congress and trade fair of roofers, tinsmiths and carpenters brings together the largest producers, the best specialists and recognised authorities who will present practical knowledge, the latest technological solutions and modern equipment.

The success of the first expo unveiling!

The first Roof Forum came down in history as a huge success. The presence of companies such as: Blachy Pruszyński, Milwaukee, CB SA Krismar, Budmat, Windex, Jouanel, B.PRO, Velux, or Fakro emphasised the expo's significance. This was an optimism-herald for future editions. The exhibitors have returned positive feedback on the event organisation and the related knowledge pack. They confirmed their presence in the coming years. Among more than two thousand visitors, there were many professionals who prospered for information useful in their work. Practical advice and opportunities to talk with experts and contractors attendingat the Roof Forum also proved invaluable.


"The difficult period caused by the pandemic is now over, but this year's trade fair heralds a return to the best years before a hard time. What is ahead of us might prove a more profitable time. Therefore, it is worth getting back on the right track and, after a temporary downtime, return to face-to-face meetings. This is the right way leading to success," - says Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of the Management Board of Targi Kielce.

Cutting-edge equipment and new possibilities!

The business-insiders meeting also offers an opportunity to present and learn about new products now on the market; machines and tools for roof construction. Workshops accompanied the show, thus, numerous exhibitors' stands were the training grounds attracting those interested in expanding knowledge and skills. They can try and test the equipment under the watchful eye of professionals.

Roof Forum is targeted at representatives of the roofing, tinsmith and carpentry industries;  masters of these professions share practical knowledge and discuss the latest technological solutions and modern equipment. The lecture zone featured the greatest industry authorities; presentations offered invaluable information and compelling inspiration for roofing design and installation.

"Poland's investment market keeps developing at a relatively fast pace and there is a great demand for professionals and tools. The Roof Forum is designed for roofing industry people to meet, thus it is worth visiting Targi Kielce and establishing cooperation," - says Michał Sadko from the Carpentry Academy .


Next edition of the Roof Masters Competition!

The ROOF MASTERS competition - the competition held within the framework of the event and divided into several categories. Participants compete for attractive prizes worth tens of thousands PLN; the final stage of the previous edition saw 14 contestants in three categories: roofing, flashing and carpentry had their business-specific assignments. The final battle proved very popular among visitors, exhibitors and a large group of colleagues.

Targi Kielce - the business centre!

The participants of Poland's most important meeting in the roofing industry ma be confident that they meet the professionals elite - experts and authorities gathered in one place, i.e. at Targi Kielce. Roof Forum - the roofers, tinsmiths and carpenters are in the limelight. The show is addressed at representatives of the roofing industry from around the world because the Kielce exhibition and congress centre has proven an ideal place for doing business. The company boasts 30 years of experience in organising B2B meetings; Targi Kielce is where many companies establish business relations which culminate in a long-term partnership.

14 november 2022
ROOF MASTERS is a unique industry competition targeted at roofers, tinsmiths, and carpenters who would like to present their skills to a wider audience. What to do in order to take part in the competition and compete for attractive prizes? You must go through two stages that will select winners in each of the three categories: We present the conditions of the competition participation - you can win attractive prizes worth several dozen thousand zlotys!
09 november 2022
The Cooktop is a leading brand. Production of specialized products for pitched roofs is the company’s profile. This renowned manufacturer has marked its presence in approximately 50 markets. Now Corotop is the Silver Sponsor of the 2nd Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Roof Forum
18 october 2022
Do you want to participate in the DACH MASTERS industry competition and win attractive prizes worth tens of thousands of PLN? Today you can apply for the Competition in one of three categories: roofing, tinsmith and carpentry. May the games begin!
15 october 2022
Blachotrapez - a leader in the roofing industry and a pioneer of many new solutions, the brand, recognized not only in Poland but also in Europe, has just become the strategic partner of the Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters ROOF FORUM
19 july 2022
The Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters ROOF FORUM is Poland’s largest convention of roofing contractors. If you want to be part of the show, and display your products in front of the industry … register for the upcoming edition of the event today!