DACH FORUM (5-6.03.2022)

The Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters ROOF FORUM

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ROOF FORUM: everything roofers, tinsmiths, carpenters need


One-stop shop for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters!

The Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Roof Forum is a new and the only event of this type in Poland. This unique get-together is exclusively crafted around roofs construction! The meeting welcome all-types of roofing contractors as well as roofers, tinsmiths and carpenters, manufacturers of materials, specialised tools and machines in addition to companies offering services for this particluar industry.  The trade fair makes it possible to present the latest products, services as well cutting-edge industry technologies to the selected group of business insiders. The Forum also provides the opportunity to exchange experiences, talk to experts and learn the tricks of the trade; roofing, tinsmith and carpentry intricacies revealed. The first Roof Forum is to be held from 5 to 6 March 2022 at Targi Kielce!

Knowledge-packed meetings and practical workshops

dachforum The exhibition packaged as a congress provides its participants with valuable educational learning; meetings with the most significant industry authorities from Poland and abroad are an invaluable source of know-how.  The Roof Forum offers workshops on, at inter alia, roofs and facades installation techniques, wood and wood-based materials cutting and dust extraction during construction works that utilise power tools. In addition, the trade fair co-organiser - the Carpentry Academy, which deals with broadly defined industry-focussed education, organise classes on roof truss construction techniques. This is the place to learn about the secrets of carpentry. 

The Roof Forum is much more than an opportunity to become acquainted with the broad and diversified products offer. The agenda also includes live demonstrations and presentations of the practical use of machines and devices.

Championships for roof installers, tinsmiths and carpenters

The Roof Forum - expo and training include the Championships organised in three categories: we welcome roofers, tinsmiths and carpenters. Groups of specialists from all over Poland will compete with each other life during the trade fair; a separate, specially arranged exhibition space will become the arena for the competition which makes it possible to learn the roof assembly techniques and the various stages of roof mounting. Methods used to make sheet metal elements, and wooden roof structures are also in the limelight here. The competition is the chance to select the best specialists in their profession.

The Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters - Roof Forum is organiSed by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the Carpentry Academy.

dachforum The Carpentry Academy has been into broadly understood education with the particular focus on the industry, which brings together carpentry, roofing and roof metal working. Hundreds of people have already completed on-site trainings in carpentry, tinsmithing and roofing organised by the Academy. More than 500 carpenters are already enrolled in online carpentry training.  In addition to training, there are also free educational materials and videos available on social media.  The Carpentry Academy is the industry trend-seter. The Carpentry Academy founder -Michał Sadko is a carpentry, roofing and tinsmithing master who has been in the carpentry business since he was 17. Last year, he created two companies that revolutionised the carpentry and roofing market in Poland:  Polish Carpentry LLC, and Edge Fold LLC.  The Carpentry Academy creator - an online carpentry course that now already boasts 524 carpenters from all over Poland onboard, is also the author of the Carpenter's Calculator, which is used by almost 4,000 carpenters. He is also the founder and administrator of the two largest industry groups in Poland: "The Art of Carpentry - a modern carpenter" and "The Art of Roofing - professionals and enthusiasts".  This big fan and practitioner of prefabrication of wooden structures detest sawdust on a construction site or behind the collar.

We look forward to seeing you on 5 and 6 March 2022 - join us for the first edition of the Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Roof Forum held at Targi Kielce!

05 january 2022
The Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters Roof Forum is a new, the only event of this type in Poland. This unique get-together is exclusively crafted around roofs construction! Tickets on sale now!
05 january 2022
A wide and diversified products range from MILWAUKEE® power tools, i.e. accessories, personal protective equipment and other products available from 5 to 6 March 2022 at the Roof Forum expo
04 january 2022
Dozens of construction designs and projects of various types ranging from residential buildings, through service premises, to industrial facilities. This is just a highlight of what the Olsen design office has achieved. The company's offer is on show on 5 and 6 March 2022 during the Roof Forum expo
21 december 2021
One of the Roof Forum exhibitors is B.Pro Fastening - the company offering professional fastening techniques for the construction industry. The company's offer targets carpenters, roofers, steel fixers and parquet layers
15 december 2021
A company that boasts 90 years' history is one of the Exhibitors of the RoofForum fair. The company's offer includes the highest quality power tools and accessories used in carpentry and many other sectors
15 december 2021
One of the exhibitors of the Congress and Expo for Roofers, Tinsmiths and Carpenters RoofForum is the Roto Roof Windows - a renowned manufacturer of roof windows, access windows, awnings and roller blinds for roof windows and attic stairs
15 december 2021
Knowledge and skill targeted meetings with industry specialists - this is what the RoofForum participants are offered. Invaluable education and skills at your fingertips. The event is also a perfect place to learn and understand the techniques used in the roofing process. Workshops organised by the Academy of Carpentry is one such meeting