MaxiMarin is the experienced producer of specialized equipment for agricultural sector, gardening and viticulture, forestry and municipal sector.
Here is the brief description of our key products:
- Injection Wheel Fertilizer (Cultan technology) is designated for the application of liquid fertilizers (UAN, RSM, AHL, organic and liquid complex fertilizers), can be in both mounted and trailed versions, with different tank volume and number of working wheels. Injection wheels have needles made of stainless steel, through which fertilizer enters the soil to a depth of 6 cm. Needle works according to nozzle principle: through a built-in valve in the hub of a injection wheel, a certain dose of liquid fertilizer is squeezed into the ground at a pressure of 3-6 bar depending on the speed and application rate. This dose nourishes a plant directly through the roots which absorb all necessary substances in accordance with growth requirements.
- Spike Rotative Weeder provides a smart approach to the cultivation of field crops at all stages of growth, combines the advantages of a tined weeder and a rotary hoe, the work is carried out by steel pins embedded in a plastic disc set at an angle. Tined rotary working tools uproot weeds, promote tillering, destroy hard surface crust, saturate the soil with air.
- Mower for Organic Weed Control is designed for elimination of weeds in crops, as well as avoiding seeds drop of previous crops. Has 3 hydraulic movements, electro-hydraulic control and independent hydraulic system. Productiveness - up to 5 ha / hour. After cutting weeds are eliminated and don’t throw seeds, so there is no spreading over the field.
- Tree Pruners: are perfect for cutting trees and bushes in wood lines, roadside plantings and around the fields. Depending on the complexity of work carried, working speed can reach 3.5 km/ hour, one machine mounted on a tractor + one operator can replace a few dozens of people with hand guided pole pruners and power saws. Clearing out several meters of a field from branches around whole perimeter can add 5 % of space for cultivation and sowing.
The company has more than 20 years of experience in production including OEM of specialized equipment and spare parts/ component units under brands of other companies based in Europe. We are ready to develop and manufacture parts and equipment, including complex hydraulic circuits, develop digital platforms for control of existing implements (hydraulic control, adjustment of application rates for seeders, sprayers, feeders, fertilizers etc.) in compliance with your ideas. For the customer we guarantee high quality products, multi-level control, total anonymity. The products of our enterprise successfully operate not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Romania. The geography of use is expanding every year.
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Spare parts for agricultural machines
Other agricultural machines
Cultivation machines
Organic and non-organic fertilizing
Fertilizers, plant protection agents
Spraying machines
Agriculture equipment
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