The Polish Armed Forces put the best foot forward - the MSPO presentations

06 september 2021
Targi Kielce's 29th International Defence Industry Exhibition is Poland's largest defence- industry expo, one of the most important exhibitions in Europe. This year welcomes over 400 exhibitors from 27 countries, including 215 from Poland. The defence expo is accompanied by the Armed Forces Exhibition, which has been prepared and coordinated by the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces for many years

Over 400 soldiers from all armed forces types came to Kielce to co-create the exhibition, which welcomes visitors.  The Task Force soldiers are the leading group working on the project.  - "The soldiers of the 1st Pomeranian Logistics Brigade were the first to come to start the preparation and implementation of the XXIX International Defence Industry Exhibition. We have developed social facilities, a containerised kitchen facilities and accommodation for soldiers and military employees arriving at the Kielce expo centre," - says Lt. Col. Marcin Urbański, Commander of the Group, who commands the 1st logistic battalion in Bydgoszcz daily.

This year's Armed Forces Exhibition is held under the banner of Endure-Control-Defeat -  over 5,000. sqm of space of the indoor space in the Awith the expo stands of  the Units of the Armed Forces Branches General Command, Territorial Defence Forces, Military Police, units of the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces, Bureau for the Become a Soldier Programme, the National Cyberspace Security Centre and military universities. Over 2,000 sqm of the outdoor expo space is the display for heavy-duty equipment such as: POPRAD self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system, Leopard 2A5 tanks, Leopard PL tank, KTO ROSOMAK HITFIST-30, KRAB cannon-howitzer, PSR-A PILICA fire unit, artillery Armament Repair Vehicle, two SCOBAMAT sets.

This year's Armed Forces Exhibition differs from previous years' editions. "This year's Armed Forces Exhibition had to be reorganised due to the military's involvement in overdue training projects. As a result, we have reduced the number of exhibitors.  We have introduced a territorial division, thus for example, at the expo stand 1 of the Regional Logistics Base, you will be able to visit the Logistics Training Centre, the 2nd Regional Logistics Base has at its exhibition the Research and Implementation Centre of the Food Service "- says Colonel Grzegorz Lisowski, coordinator of the Exhibition of the Armed Forces. The organisers know that the pandemic is not without significance. - "Bearing in mind the safety considerations and limitations that we have to deal with at the pandemic times, we have opted for multimedia. The expo stands are equipped with screens and TV sets, which will display information materials,"- adds Colonel Lisowski.


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