08 september 2021
Contracts, agreements, debates and awards - this is how you can recapitulate the second day of the Polish Armaments Group's presence at the 29. MSPO PCO SA celebrates its 45th anniversary - the company has concluded two important agreements regarding expansion into foreign markets, WZL-2 has made further steps towards the development of F-16 aircraft servicing capabilities, and Military Electronic Works SA has created a Consortium for the delivery of equipment for the "Wisła" sets

PCO SA celebrates its 45th anniversary.  The supplier of optoelectronics and electronic systems and solutions for the Armed Forces and uniformed formations concluded two agreements.  The first one was signed with the Norwegian Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace. The cooperation agreement stipulates the development of turret systems. The other agreement with Ukrainian Helicopters stipulates the cooperation of a Night Vision Service Centre in Ukraine.

The Military Aviation Works nr 2 SA signed the framework agreement with Pratt&Whitney, a branch of Raytheon Technologies Corporation, defining the principles of cooperation and engineering support for the further development of technical competencies and increasing the scope of repair works of the F100-PW-229 engines used in the F-16 aircraft by the Polish Air Force.

The companies owned by the Polish Armaments Group.  The Military Electronic Works SA (leader), Military Armament Works SA and the Military Communication Works No. 1 SA formed a consortium in order to execute the contract for the supply of command facilities for the "Wisła" system.

On that day, two conferences were also held at the expo stand of the Polish Armaments Group. The Research and Development Centre of Mechanical Devices - "OBRUM" LLC organised a debate on the impact of the "Wolf" program on the national economy; the Research and Development Centre of the Maritime Technology Centre SA, in cooperation with foreign partners, presented a recapitulation of the "OCEAN2020" program, the EDA initiative .

The State Security Leader Gala has marketed its presence at the MSPO for years. Companies are awarded prestigious awards, the distinction for innovations and for special contribution and achievements which enhance defence capabilities, for activities which benefit and improve the broadly defined state security. In the category of Innovative Company, the awards were presented to the Military Aviation Works  No. 1 and DEZAMET Metal Works. The winners in the Innovative Product category: Stalowa Wola Steel Works in consortium with WB Electronics (for the Remote Controlled Turret System ZSSW), MESKO in consortium with Telesystem Mesko (for PIRAT - the light, anti-tank guided missile), Research and Development Centre of Mechanical Equipment "OBRUM" (for the Trainer Simulator for the Leopard tank drivers), PCO (for the Modular Night Vision Kit ), PIT-RADWAR (for the P-18PL radar prototype), "BUMAR-ŁABĘDY" Mechanical Works (for Leopard 2PL M1) and "Tarnów" Mechanical Works (for the UAV combat system; Command post), DEZAMET Metal Works (RAK - 120 mm mortar cartridge).

We invite you to visit our expo stand in C expo hall - MSPO'21 continues. Follow our social media. On the third day of the fair (9 September), we invite you to join us:

  • 00-11.00 - C expo hall, PGZ Group Stage - Conference on: OBRUM training and service tools designed for the armed forces - the OBRUM
  • 15-11.30 - C expo hall, the PGZ Group stage - official signing of an agreement with a foreign partner.
  • 45-12.00 - C expo hall, the PGZ Group stage - signing of an agreement between the PGZ Foundation and the "Grow up with Us" Foundation.
  • 15-12.30- C expo hall, the PGZ Group stage - official signing of an agreement with PCO.
  • 00-13.15 - C expo hall, the PGZ Group stage - signing agreements with research and development centres - PGZ.
  • 15 - 14.30 - C expo hall, PGZ Group Stage - Conference on: Military - Science - Industry PANEL I: Military - Science - Industry - the defence industry cooperation with start-ups - innovations-boosting synergy
  • 30-15.45 - C expo hall, PGZ Group Stage - Conference on: Military - Science - Industry PANEL II: Polish defence industry and science - cooperation designed to boost development
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