Wyróżnienie to, przyznane podczas targów MSPO w Kielcach, jest wyrazem uznania dla najlepszego kontrahenta współpracującego z GRUPĄ WB

Targi Kielce is a reliable and robust business partner

09 september 2021
MSPO2021 saw the President of the Management Board of Targi Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń PhD, receiving the Blue Ribbon award from the WB Group and a certificate of merit from PCO

The idea behind the WB GROUP Blue Ribbon award establishment is to symbolise and strengthen cooperation ties between Polish enterprises, to appreciate reliable and robust business partners. This distinction, awarded during the Kielce MSPO expresses recognition for the best contractor cooperating with the WB GROUP. The categories such as the quality of cooperation, timeliness, contact with a business partner and the services to price ratio were taken into account. This year's winner is  Targi Kielce SA - the expo centre recognised by the competition jury for being a reliable business partner.   Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of the Board, Targi Kielce SA was bestowed the Blue Ribbon Award.  

However, this is not the only distinction the Kielce exhibition and congress centre has earned.  The celebration of the 45th anniversary of the PCO offered the opportunity to recognise Andrzej Mochoń PhD. who received a token of recognition for his services for PCO SA. The event was attended by representatives of the army, industry and science. The Gala included the awarding ceremony of state and ministerial distinctions for distinguished employees of PCO SA. Employees received Gold and Bronze Crosses of Merit and Medals for Long Service, as well as Medals for Merit for National Defence.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of, among others, Vice-Voivode Artur Standowicz, Engineer Adam Januszko PhD, professor of AWL - Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs of the Military University of Land Forces, Paweł Chabielski PhD., Commander of the Kielce Garrison - Commander of the Centre for Preparation for Foreign Missions, Major General Dariusz Pluta PhD.- deputy chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, Sebastian Chwałek - President of the Management Board of PGZ SA.

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