2021 Defenders officially presented!

13 september 2021
One of the last highlights of the International Defence Industry Exhibition has been the presentation ceremony of the DEFENDER awards - the award bestowed to companies whose products and servicese recognised by the Jury Panel Committee composed of, inter alia, from the Members of the Program Board of the Kielce defence trade show. The Award of the President of the Republic of Poland

The event, as usual, was held on the last day of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, and the award ceremony began with awarding companies for their expo presentations.

The distinctions were presented to:

  1. CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP as, Czech Republic
  2. -Air Force Institute of Technology Warsaw
  3. LEONARDO, Italy
  4. NORTHROP GRUMMAN, United States
  6. RAYTHEON Technologies, United States
  7. SAAB AB / Saab Technologies Poland LLC, Warsaw
  8. SE SFTF "PROGRESS" / State Enterprise "Specialized Foreign Trade Firm" PROGRESS ", Ukraine
  9. Military Institute of Armament Technology

The awards:

  2. GRUPA WB / WB GROUP, Ożarów Mazowiecki
  3. HYUNDAI Rotem Company, South Korea
  4. MEGMAR LOGISTICS & Consulting LLC, Kutno
  5. Polish Armaments Group SA, Radom

The Medal for the Armed Forces Exhibition preparation and execution was presented to the  General Staff of the Polish Army, the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces and the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support

 Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of the Board, Targi Kielce SA also awarded his accolade;  for Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka; AUTOCOMP MANAGEMENT  LLC from Szczecin for the POJEDYNEK (SCI-C) training and simulations system This year's Expo, the award of the Program Council also made its debut;   the Air Force Institute of Technology - the project leader, the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry and Boryszew SA - NYLONBO from Sochaczew for flares and automatic flare-firing system received the special distinction.

The General Staff of the Polish Army, the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces and the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support were also the the ones to demonstrate recognition of their involvement.

The first prize from Major General Sławomir OWCZARK was presented to Lt. Col. Arkadiusz Gozdur representing the Land Forces Inspectorate of the General Command of the Armed Forces. Awards and distinctions for the innovativeness the Inspectorate of Support for the Armed Forces were presented by Brigadier General Deputy Chief of Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, Chief of Logistics Artur Kępczyński.  The diplomas and statuette went to:

  • Main prize:
  1. Regional Logistics Base in Wałcz -

for:  the project development: The HIT FIST 30mm turret drive locking attachment; 8x8 KTO ROSOMAKThe

team of authors: Marcin Spakowski, Janusz Czarnota, Jarosław Antochowski, Jacek Mikołajczak, Senior Warrant Officer Dariusz Skibowski

  • FISRT DISTINCTION for achievements in rationalisation and innovation for:  3rd

awarded to:  3. Regional Logistics Base in Wałcz -

for:  the project development: The repair-method for a SPIKE ATGM launcher’s tripod

team of authors: Ireneusz Kosecki, Marek Mielniczek

  • SECOND DISTINCTION for achievements in rationalisation and innovation for: 

awarded to:  the Logistics Training Centre in Grupa

for:  the project development:  STEND POWER PACK KTO ROSOMAK

team of authors: Junior Warrant Officer Bogdan Kłosiewicz, Junior Warrant Officer Cezary Milewski, senior sergeant Tomasz Bielecki

The highlight of the annual Gala is the presentation of DEFENDER awards.  This year, the Competition Committee received 77 applications from 79 companies.  The jury members decided to award the DEFENDER to:

- Military University of Technology (leader) from Warsaw; Transbit LLC (consortium member) from Warsaw; Asseco Poland SA (consortium member) from Rzeszów for a secured multimedia communication system (BSKM)

- ARPOL Professional Tools LLCfrom Osielsk; GLOMEX MS Polska LLC, Suchy Las for a general-purpose goods and passenger carrying vehicle - a service car with a technical reconnaissance function

-the  Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka; Bydgoszcz Electromechanical Works BELMA SA, Białe Błota for PTASZNIK - universal charge with a shaped-charge effect, mountable on EFP and DFC adapters

- REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING, member of the Remontowa Holding capital group from Gdańsk for a series of six multi-purpose tugs built for the Navy

-Jarosław Dąbrowski  Military University of Technology - Institute of Optoelectronics (leader) from Warsaw; Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw; Kenbit Koening and Partners JP from Warsaw; Nordcom LLC from Dąbrowa Górnicza for the SkanDRON - a laser detection and tracking system for low-flying objects

- PCO SA from Warsaw for the MZN-1T Modular Night Vision and Thermal System

- Professor Janusz Groszkowski Military Institute of Communications - National Research Institute, Zegrze Poludniowe for the information protection system in LAWENDA radio networks

- GRUPA WB | WB Electronics SA from Ożarów Mazowiecki for the W2MPIR Multi-layered, Multi-purpose, Modular, Aerial Smart Swarm

- Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw; Dobrowolski LLC (leader), Wschowa for BIZON - an unmanned measurement platform

-Polish Armaments Group SA from Radom; Jelcz LLC, Jelcz-Laskowice; Military Armament Works SA from Grudziądz; AutosanLLC - Sanok for the WISŁA system’s special purpose vehicles - wheeled special platforms with a logistic trailer

 Traditionally, the last day of International Defence Industry Exhibition is the Ministers’ awards presentation day, too.  The first is the Special Award of the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology for "Best Polish Arms Exporter", which was presented to WB ELECTRONICS SA | GRUPA WB. The Minister’s of National Defence's Distinction was presented to:

- Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom - Radom Arms Factory Archer - from Radom for the 9mm VIS 100 semi-automatic pistol

The crowing element of the ceremony was presentation of the President of Poland’s Award for the best product which serves the purpose of the RP Armed Forces soldiers’ safety enhancement, this year presented to  Stalowa Wola Steelworks SA from Stalowa Wola; WB Electronics SA from Ożarów Mazowiecki, Rosomak SA from Siemianowice Śląskie for the artillery reconnaissance vehicle built on the KTO Rosomak are this year’s Award winners.

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