Military novelties - the latest developments at MSPO

08 september 2021
International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce - every year, the expo abounds with the latest cutting-edge developments. What equipment and supplies for soldiers are on show at Targi Kielce this time?

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The novelties presented by the Polish Army are of great interest to both Polish and foreign soldiers. Uniformed services officers appreciate innovative solutions and practical aspects of the offered products.

One of the products presented for the first time at the International Defence Industry Exhibition the Pilica system - recently used by the Polish army.

- The Pilica anti-aircraft missile and artillery system - in service since December 2020;  the system designed to combat low-flying, waterborne and armoured targets - says Corporal Adrian Polak from the 3rd Warsaw Missile Brigade.

The equipment was tested at the training grounds in Ustka, with artillery firing - the system was also tested in practical applications.

A driving simulator

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The Logistics Training Center presented a driving simulator - It is designed to train drivers to drive a truck, truck with a trailer, ambulances or buses - says the junior ensign Najmant. The simulator is designed to support the training process - the scenarios that are "uploaded" to the simulator.  - We can change weather and terrain conditions, road events, but also the parameters of the car - emphasises the representative of the Logistics Training Centre.

This makes the system economical. Cars are not required - learning on a simulator will not result in accidental damage or destruction. Professional soldiers of all armed forces' branches can benefit from the training system - our logistics centre is the only one that trains uniformed services - invites sergeant   Najmant of the Logistics Training Centre.

Combination meals

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MSPO is not only equipment - it is also uninformed equipment, which is still undergoing modifications. - We present the prototype of the SR-SL Individual Combination Meals;  targeted at soldiers of special forces who perform tasks in mountainous terrain - says the Head of the Nutrition and Food Laboratory, Military Research and Implementation Centre, Major Arkadiusz Mikuła.

The K-rations are based on freeze-dried products. Components include dried vegetables, energy bars and gels or smoothies. Food can be eaten on the move. -Small packages with high energy;  a single set weighs 600 grams and provides 1500 kcal. - adds Major Arkadiusz Mikuła. A full day's food demand is 4500 kcal. Now it comes in 3 sleeves weighing 1400 grams. There are various meals, and they are based on oat flakes and freeze-dried canned meat and vegetables.

Interestingly, the packages have easily removable labels. - If a soldier gets rid of the packaging, it will not be identified as military equipment - adds the Head of the Nutrition and Food Laboratory of the Military Research and Implementation Centre.


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