The crisis possible impact on PV business sector?

30 march 2020
A month ago we all witnessed the 23rd International Power Industry Fair 18th ENEX Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy held in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The pandemic has paralysed many industries. What about solar farms and the whole PV business sector? A comprehensive report from GLOBEnergia editorial - the event partner is now available

The coronavirus outbreak has shaken virtually all industries in the world, this  includes the PV business sector which has also experienced a real roller coaster ride.  Has the problem been resolved yet?  Chinese PV factories have started full-swing productions, panels are being now shipped to Europe in large numbers.  However, many importers are considering postponing the delivery date. 

Solar installation differs from gastronomy or HORECA business line

The entire solar market is not a single structure, those who lump the sector together make a mistake -  the investment dynamics diversification can be observed in particular segments. The sales dynamics decrease is most noticeable in the prosumer installations sector - this has been the hardest hit for companies. Individual clients sector is definitely more balanced and has reported the lowest decreases.

Photovoltaic kaleidoscope

The coronavirus pandemic in China seems to be under control now. Most of the key producers have re-started production and export to their European partners.

It took just a  month for the situation to change - just as if in a kaleidoscope; from abundance to deficit. This deficit is likely to be most noticeable already in April. We have not observed the decline in orders PV modules and inverters in March because the original contracts were signed in the January and February period. Now this is the delivery time of the orders, some of them  overdue - comments Bogdan Szymański, president of SBF POLSKA PV.

The Association President also sees a clear decline in new contracts. The solar market association head explains:

On the one hand, this results from the current exceptional situation of economic uncertainty, and on the other hand the remote work necessity and recommendations is a challenge many companies face - they still need to develop competences of remote contracting - claims Szymański.

We are all thinking about the solar market unveiling after the epidemic. Will we return to the dynamic growth path again?

 I am a moderate optimist in this matter. Our own solar farm no longer an expensive luxury good. On the other hand, it is a saving tool thus consumers are also looking for this type of investment in crisis and uncertainty times  - adds the president of SBF POLSKA PV.

Price increases

The distributors face another market  problem - the price increase caused mainly by a drastic increase in the exchange rate. The exchange rate of the Euro and the US Dollar has rapidly changed in the last 3 months.

The upcoming  ENEX / ENEX New Energy   is to be held 24-25 February  2021. The article is available HERE.

source: www.globenergia.pl


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