The all times record - 8,000 people visited ENEX / ENEX New Energy and EKOTECH!

03 march 2020
Representatives of 176 companies from 14 countries showcased at the largest renewable energy fair in Poland ENEX / ENEX Nowa Energia and the 21st Fair of Environmental Protection and Waste Management EKOTECH

Industry-leading milieus - the top of the tops!

A whole array of conferences, the best experts and the largest companies made ENEX / ENEX New Energy expo the supreme level event.  The Solar+ Forum, Heat Pump Forum, PORT PC Congress, the Electromobility Forum, the Conferences galore:  Energia PL, Heat Not Lost, "Supreme air quality - a challenge for the 21st century", RESCity and the new at the expo - passive construction - all these events proved hugely popular with the public.  Participants unanimously emphasized that when it comes to renewable energy sources, there is no better place to hold industry talks than Targi Kielce.

The Kielce ENEX is one of the largest events in the eastern part of Poland. Meetings with clients who are interested in the product - this is the essence of the event.  This year is amazing, the PV sector goes from strength to strength - the interest is amazing.  We will showcase with you every year. The expo organisation, the exhibition facility are perfect  - said Andrzej Zyber, sales director of Solutex. 

ENEX for sports aficionados

Rarely can you meet the Polish vice world champion in biathlon who teaches teaches great handball players how to shoot. This happened at ENEX.  Weronika Nowakowska  gave invaluable instructions to  Branko Vujovici and Dani Dujsebaev.  PGE Vive Kielce  offered handball training in return.  An outstanding former Polish handball player Mariusz Jurasik  talked about the memorable match with the Norwegians, a memorable moment in the history of Polish sport. That was the time for the least expected twists and turns. He remembered 2009 with nostalgia, but emphasized that there were many more important events in his career.

Tesla hits the track

Never have driven an electric car? This was an amazing chance to try and test one of the electric motor propelled vehicles -  there was a queue of those waiting for the Electromobility Forum’s treat. The cars were on the road for all that time too.  Tesla and Land Rover Defender EV made the biggest waves.  We are pleased with the interest of visitors.  Everything was just as it has been planned - said Piotr Matuszewski from FEM.


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