Cherished memories - sports stars at ENEX!

28 february 2020
The second day of the Poland’s largest Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy was marked with stars’ presence. The event was graced with the presence of: Weronika Nowakowska, Mariusz Jurasik, Daniel Dujshebaev and Branko Vujović

Shooting training with the world biathlon vice-champion? No problem  Our Olympian gave advice and talked about how heavy and demanding sports might be. Physical fitness alone is not enough, you must also have falcon eyesight!  

Weronika Nowakowska also checked the shooting skills of PGE Vive Kielce players - Dani Dujshebaev and Branko Vujovic. The gentlemen did well. A a rematch they showed ball-throws tricks.  

They revealed that when they were little boys they wanted to take up sports - as you can see, dreams come true. The Spaniard won the World Championship and the Montenegrin won the Champions League. These successes speak for themselves.

 Mariusz Jurasik is now a coach, together with Sławomir Szmal and Radoslaw Wasiak  they run  School of Sport   Championships . ENEX hosted the outstanding Polish national team’s representative who talked about what he felt during the memorable match against Norway, in 2009. It was when the impossible became possible. The Poles made up their losses. The last seconds Artur Siódmiak threw the ball into the empty goal . Every Pole realized that 15 seconds  is a lot of time.  

Special thanks for inviting outstanding guests go to the PGE Vive Kielce club. 


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