Online applications in the My Electricity programme

29 may 2020
According to the rynekelektryczny.pl portal - the ENEX Expo media partner, online applications can now be used for the Mój Prąd [My Electricity] programme. It is worth using your home computer in order to speed up the process and obtain funds for a solar installation without the need to leave your home.

In order to submit an application, one should use a trusted profile - this can be set up e.g. in electronic banking system or with the use of e-ID.  Starting May 22, 2020, you can also apply  via a representative.

Paper applications in the My Electricity programme were submitted until 30 March  2020. This change does not apply to PV installers NFEPWM has signed cooperation agreements with.

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The electronic channel is much more efficient. The NFOŚiGW ICT system for electronic applications collecting means that applications handling is not a problem,  this translates directly into the customer service pace. Therefore, we are improving the programme by excluding paper applications which have caused a serious service delay also among those who have used the electronic means.  December 2019 was the final stage of the first call for application -  the fund was flooded with an avalanche of incomplete or illegible paper applications. It takes us a long time to sort them out. We want to give everyone a chance to get funding for a home PV installation - explains Piotr Woźny,  the President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

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New option to submit applications by proxy

Those who do not have a trusted profile or e-ID and still want to take advantage of subsidies for home solar installations, another option has been made available. Electronic applications can be submitted by proxy and registered at gov.pl portal.  The new option aims to maximize the ways the electronic grant applications may be submitted.  From now on, the attorney, or an authorized person can quickly and easily put online grant application in lieu of the actual applicant.

A power of attorney used to should be filled in and submitted together with an application under in the “My Power” programme - a template can be found on the mojprad.gov.pl  website ('Submit' tab). Effective 22 May 2020. It should be downloaded, printed, signed and then attached as a scan to the electronic form at gov.pl.

The My Power programme digitization has been completed

The implementation of the electronic grant applications option by proxy is the last step in the digitizing process for customer service of the My Power programme.  It is worth recalling that when the program was launched (30 August 2019), the only possible option was to submit a paper application in order to get subsidies.  The public sector computerization connoisseurs will certainly find it interesting to know that all “My Power” services are available with the Microsoft Azure cloud, which is used by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Current information about My Power

More than 73 thousand grant applications have been submitted so far under the first and second recruitment (30.08 to 20.12.2019 and from 13.01.2020 to 26.05.2020 respectively) . In total, this is 408 MW installed capacity.

The value of investments in home photovoltaics in Polish households generated through the Moje Prąd programme reached almost PLN 1.8 billion. 360 million account for the NFEPWM subsidies.  This means that the subsidies amount to  20 percent  of investment.

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