Co zrobić, aby transformacja cyfrowa firm produkcyjnych była skuteczna?

Digital transformation of manufacturing companies discussed at METAL

21 september 2022
Enterprise Europe Network at Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce organised the seminar on "How to introduce an effective digital transformation in a production company? " as a part of the Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn The seminar was chaired by Michał Żelichowski, who emphasised that digital transformation is a necessity, but it can only be achieved in small steps.

Companies' development and strengthening market position depends on the implementation of digital transformation in a given company. This long-term process requires proper preparation; otherwise, digital transformation projects fail.

As Michał Żelichowski emphasised in his lecture, as much as 60% of IT system implementations fail. The most common reasons is insufficient readiness for changes and a focus on technology implementation, not business transformation. IT systems are only tools; the most important thing is to be aware of what we are implementing the transformation for.

According to McKinsey research, approx. 70% of transformation projects end in a fiasco, which is caused by poor communication of goals and an ineffective incentive system. According to the Lean audit strategy carried out by Leanpassion, as many as 95% of the management board members do not know the company's mission, over 80% of the processes have not been changed, and employees base their decisions on opinions, not facts, and 9/10 attempts to improve the company finish at the pilot phase.

Michał Żelichowski presented five pillars of an effective and lasting reorganisation of the company,  including business goals, process improvement, competence development, management and process roles, and organisational culture.

Mapping processes and methods were also discussed: SIPOC diagram showing the basic elements of a specific business process and a turtle diagram - a qualitative tool helping to design or improve existing processes.

At the end of the meeting, Marta Pawłowska from SIPH presented the recruitment rules for the project held under the title of "Human resources for business. Co-financing of development services". SIPH commercial services designed to prepare manufacturing companies for digital transformation and modernisation were also discussed. The service includes analysis of the company's business model, testing the company's digital readiness, and a roadmap and transformation plan. The pilot of the service is offered in 2023.

On the last day of the METAL fair, on Thursday, 22 September, the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce holds a webinar -  "The industry of the future and the metal industry". The participants learn what the industry of the future is and whether the metal industry can be modern.


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