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The latest technologies for foundry, automotive industry and green sector showcased at the 2024 Metal Expo

metal-2022-galeria-02 The International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL go from strength to strength; the 2024 show can be heralded as the event which boosts the development of foundry technologies in their many aspects. The three days' "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" offers its participants the chance to become familiar with the future-focused solutions that will take the industry to the next level. The event brings together metallurgy, heat treatment, non-ferrous metal products and recycling.

Automotive industry

Structural casting - one of the most innovative technologies in high-pressure casting,  the method used e.g. in the military and automotive industry. The latter is on the return path to its pre-pandemic shape thus offers an opportunity for companies and foundries' development. This trend can also be observed when visiting the Kielce Metal Expo. In 2024, the most important companies specialising in machines for structural casting will present their latest developments. 

Professional knowledge

metal-2022-galeria-15 The Metal expo is much more than exhibitors and technologies on show, the expo also offers an abundance of professional knowledge offered by the business sector's top specialists. The three days trade fair is enhanced by seminars, workshops, lectures and meetings which discuss Industry 4.0, automation, digitisation, metrology, ecology, to name just a few.

Moulding and foundry businesses go green

The Foundry Goes Green seminar, entirely devoted to ecological aspects in the foundry business premiered in 2022  and instantaneously turned out a success. Following the momentum, the organisers are expanding the agenda to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The topics discussed at this two-day meeting relate die casting and clean air technologies in addition to many others. Both are the main hopes for the foundry sector to make it greener. The best information is that the solutions on offer do not have to be expensive; on the contrary, they can even provide considerable savings. Details will be presented at the Foundry Goes Green Seminar.

The International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL is held from 24 to 25 September 2024 in Targi Kielce.



18 december 2023
The gala 35th General Assembly of Delegates of the Technical Association of Polish Foundrymen (STOP) in Krakow elected its new President. On 14 December, this important role was taken over by Doctor Hab. Engineer Rafał Dańko, associate Professor at AGH University of Technology, former Vice-President of STOP and Vice-Rector of AGH for students affairs
15 december 2023
On Friday, 15 December is marked with a very touching moment. The retirement farewell to the president of the Technical Association of Polish Foundrymen, an icon of the foundry industry and a long-time partner of the METAL expo, Tadeusz Franaszek. The National Foundry Day in Krakow, celebrated every year in December, offered the opportunity to hold the function.
14 november 2023
Today, 14 November, marks the metallurgists' annual holiday. On this occasion, we would like to express our warmest wishes to all industry representatives, those who deal with foundry and plastic forming and shaping. They keep improving the world we live in
16 october 2023
One of the most important events of the foundry industry in Poland, the celebration for all employees of this sector. This year's holiday is enhanced with the "Innovations in Foundry" conference, the meeting is organised by the Technical Association of Polish Foundrymen under the auspices of the World Foundry Organization. The media patronage has been offered by the world-famous foundry portal Foundry Planet
04 october 2023
Last weekend, the CAEF Council meeting was held in Sofia, Bulgaria; a new composition of the Management Board was appointed. The new Board is comprised of Chiara Danieli (President of CAEF), Clemens Küpper from Germany, Ignacio De la Peña from Spain, Fabio Zanardi from Italy, Mehmet Rifat Özalp from Turkey and Witold Dobosz from Poland. The Management Board has been appointed for a 3-year term of office
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