Weiler Abrasives stands as a global leader in delivering high-quality abrasives and surface conditioning solutions, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer collaboration. With a rich history dating back to 1889, the company has evolved into a trusted name in the industry. In 2015, Weiler expanded its capabilities through the acquisition of SwatyComet, solidifying its global presence.

Weiler Abrasives' commitment to excellence is evident in its continuous investment in product development. From its origins in power brush manufacturing, the company now offers a diverse portfolio, including grinding wheels, cutting wheels, coated abrasives, and brushes. Collaborative relationships with customers ensure tailored solutions that address unique challenges across industries.

Are you ready to take your grinding and cutting operations to the next level? Weiler Abrasives presents Metalynx 2.0, a revolutionary abrasives technology designed to deliver exceptional results and enhance your work experience. Metalynx 2.0 offers:
- Industry-leading cut rates with up to 40% longer wheel life
- Patent-pending Optimum Use Line for enhanced productivity
- Predictable, smooth cutting and grinding for a safer workplace
- QR code for instant access to crucial safety information
- Consistent performance, reducing training time and re-work
- Reduced fatigue and labor shortages, thanks to improved user experience

Choose Metalynx 2.0 from our performance lines:
- Metalynx MAX: Fast-cut, long-life wheels for the toughest materials and applications.
- Metalynx PRO: Versatile, long-life solutions for general-purpose applications.

Experience the benefits firsthand and revolutionize your operations.

Weiler Abrasives goes beyond providing innovative abrasives solutions. Our value-added programs, including the Weiler Consumable Productivity (WCP) program and Weiler on Wheels (WOW), ensure cost savings and personalized product demonstrations right at your doorstep. The SPOT Safety Program prioritizes education on safe and proper abrasive use, emphasizing our commitment to workplace safety.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your work with Weiler Abrasives. Our mission is to empower you with cutting-edge solutions, enhancing productivity and reducing work time.
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