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Enjoys a business class trip at the AVIATION EXPO 2021

11-12 September  2021 - Targi Kielce is the safe landing pad for the sky-rocketing aviation event.

Aviation enthusiasts have set the course for Targi Kielce. This has been the autumn destination port for several years. Cutting-edge ultralight aircraft, helicopters, gyroplanes - this is just a part of the exhibition which has become a permanent fixture in the Kielce expo and congress centre calendar of events. 

Polish aviation in sky-rocketing development

Polish light aviation has been continually growing; every year, dozens of new machines are registered.  Not only are aeroplanes owned by private persons. More and more companies opt for these modern and comfortable means of transport. Poland has become one of Central and Eastern Europe's largest sales market for all kinds of aviation services.  Therefore our part of continent based producers have the opportunity to present their offer at Kielce show and demonstrate the whole aviation industry's strengths and high specialization.

LOT Polish Airlines have recognized a chance in the difficult period of the pandemic; the airline has not reduced air-transport operations and has not suspended strategic connections even for one day. The economic crisis has drastically limited the demand for passenger transport. Still, the demand for cargo transport has increased,  the carriers thus opted for cargo-only flights and partial fleet conversions. In this situation, cargo transport offers an opportunity for carriers, and LOT has also launched all-cargo flights. The #CARGO for Poland operation turned out to be a great success. From 17 March to 29 June 2020  there were 172 flights (1,376,000 km) with 3,725 tons of commodities transported: - The largest planes we have are constantly in air and have not even been grounded for a moment because of the crisis - says Michał Grochowski, director of the Cargo and Post Office of LOT Polish Airlines.

Aviation Expo 2020

Despite the difficult, pandemic reality caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the5th  aviation project was staged at Targi Kielce in September 2020, in compliance with all security measures.  The Aviation Expo's scope includes a plethora of avionics, airport and navigation systems, the exhibition of specialized pilot outfits, and even fancy goods dedicated to the aviation industry, to name just a few exhibits. The exhibition was the showcase for, inter alia Aeroprakt with its latest Aeroprakta family plane - A32 model designed and tested for over three years before its première.  The world's most economical and one of the fastest mass-produced light aircraft in the high-wing configuration offers top-performance. The Pipistrel Virus SW presented by Skydream boasts the cursing speed of over 260 km / h.  Skypaths is also worth mentioning - the Skyleader model was showcased at the event. The Aero HMS presented a modern ultralight sports plane MP-02 "Czajka", a perfect solution for recreational and training flights;  the maximum cruising speed is 230 km / h.

The event hosted Ekolot for the first time. Ekolot boasts many years' experience, huge sales successes and advanced technology in the construction of ultralight aircraft. The company surprised this year's Aviation Expo participants.  The company, apart from two unique models - KR-030 Topaz and KR-010 Elf, also made its third plane debut, the one which had never been presented before. The ultralight planes have already won international awards, including those in recognition of proprietary composites, quality, finish and unique aviation parameters.  Aviation Expo also brings together companies which produce aviation garments and outfits.  Ide-Fly presented specialized suits for selected aviation sports disciplines complemented with functional clothing for professionals such as pilots of police helicopters, TOPR rescue helicopters crews and aerobatic teams from Poland.

The exhibition, although slightly smaller than in previous years, was appreciated for its diversity and place where new products were presented the year. Not only the aviation industry, but the entire global economy has suffered from the international situations. Aviation Review trade magazine in its editorial described the event as "the trade fair full of optimism". The journalists emphasized the fact that: - The organizers' determination and the exhibitors' optimism won their day. The fifth edition, although small, was very interesting - we read in Przegląd Lotniczy [Aviation Review].

Business-insiders conferences

There was a strong accent of this year's "sky-rocketing" meeting - the two all-day Technology & Law for Aviation and the Global Drone Conferences. The conference was co-organized by Joanna Wieczorek, a well-known and respected expert in aviation law from Dentons Legal House. The industry gathered at the first conference specialists talked about, inter alia: modern airports and the need to build a HUB for long-haul flights, the growing importance of cargo flights in the age of pandemics, Smart Airline, aviation fuels, gyroplanes and their use, development of VIP aviation and innovations in navigation. The other drone-related conference was a stimulus to discuss: new European and Polish drone laws, PANSA UTM - safe drone flights, ways to certify unmanned aerial vehicles according to military and civilian regulations, drone projects financing, hybrid drone technologies in transport, logistics and other areas.  Both conferences were also broadcast live on the Facebook Aviation Expo profile. Live-stream sessions enjoyed the viewership of over 10,000 people.

Space flight

6th edition is to be held in September 2021 - new products "out of this world" will be on show. The International Forum of the Space Sector marks its debut during the event; government representatives, companies from Poland and abroad, institutes, universities and industry media will be attending the event. Knowledge-packed panels of the conference offer the opportunity to expand knowledge and exchange experiences. The project will be implemented jointly with Kielce University of Technology and Spartaqs.

It is worth mentioning that in 2019 the "IMPULS" team of the Kielce University of Technology won the title of world-champion title during the prestigious international competition of Martian robots - European Rover Challenge.

The event, scheduled from 11 to 12 September 2021, will include attractions such as live broadcast of the launch of a rocket carried into the stratosphere from a special balloon-dronoid platform designed by Sławomir Huczała - the Spartaqs main designer and co-owner.

The upcoming AVIATION EXPO - 11&12 September 2021 - we look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce  


16 september 2021
- Any national aviation has seen such a great customers' interest, this year's Aviation Expo beats them all - say representatives of aviation companies who showcased at this year's Aviation Expo. The Targi Kielce event turned out to be an immense success
11 september 2021
Experts in technology and aviation law met at Targi Kielce. The all-day Technology and Law for Aviation conference was held within the scope of this year's Aviation Expo 2021
11 september 2021
The first day of the AVIATION EXPO at Targi Kielce has begun
03 september 2021
A flight with a professional pilot which makes it possible to learn about the machine’s capabilities and the possibility of testing the gyroplane. This attraction has been prepared by the Remus from Glywice - a representative of Aviation Artur Trendak, the Polish manufacturer of gyroplanes. Machines will be exhibited during this year's AVIATION EXPO
25 august 2021
60 exhibitors and three thousand square meters of exhibition space, machines from around the world and companies from Lithuania, Latvia or Pakistan. 11 September marks the beginning of the 3rd AVIATION EXPO Aviation Fair in Targi Kielce - the largest aviation event in Poland
10 may 2021
The meeting shows a pilot career path - qualification in aviation discussed by international experts. Experts from all over the world join the session held at the Aviation Expo channel
07 may 2021
The event is the discussion platform for important industry issues, including the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, innovations for safety and supervision
07 april 2021
The Boreas Aviation President, Mr Horst Trauntsching, a representative of Alpi Aviation SA and Aero Eli Servizi, the Italian aviation producers, will be hosted at the next webinar held within the scope of the #AviationQuarter project
11 march 2021
Global drone milieus are brought together for the second Global Drone Review webinar, a part of the Aviation Expo fair
02 march 2021
The Quarter of an Hour Aviation Seminar - the project in which both manufacturers and distributors of ultralight aircraft take part. March will see the third online meeting - this one features a representative of Hi-tech Aviation
15 february 2021
Wednesday, 24 February marks the next in the series of industry-seminars held under the banner of the Quarter of an Hour Aviation Seminar organised by Targi Kielce and Przegląd Lotniczy [Aviation Review].
10 february 2021
The North-South Logistics and Transport Cluster offers non-returnable subsidies for exports development and participation in national fairs
03 february 2021
On Thursday, 11 February marks the webinar devoted to unmanned aerial vehicles. We look forward to your presence at the event. The meeting offers an insight into the most important changes regarding UAV’s use and registration
15 january 2021
Quarter of an Hour Aviation Seminar focussed on Aviation - this is a new project implemented by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the Przegląd Lotniczy [Air Review] magazine. The series of meetings encompasses topics related to modern flying technologies, philosophy and techniques.
25 november 2020
The International Forum of the Space Sector is to be held in autumn 2021 at Targi Kielce. The event organisation and preparation of a joint project designed to present the potential of the industry was discussed at the meeting of representatives of the Kielce University of Technology, Spartaqs and Targi Kielce, held on 19 November 2020 in Mikołów in Silesia.
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