AVIATION EXPO is Poland's most significant aviation trade show

25 august 2021
60 exhibitors and three thousand square meters of exhibition space, machines from around the world and companies from Lithuania, Latvia or Pakistan. 11 September marks the beginning of the 3rd AVIATION EXPO Aviation Fair in Targi Kielce - the largest aviation event in Poland

The organisers traditionally focus on light aircraft. Contrary to popular cliches, purchasing such a plane does not cause a crisis in the home or company budget. They can also offer a lot of fun or be helpful as a work tool, preferably both, if such a combination is possible.

- We focus on light aviation people can afford.  Modern technologies allow for the creation of efficient and durable machines whose cost does not exceed the price of a passenger car. Aviation equipment manufacturers and distributors are equally excited about our event.  Therefore, I would like to inform you that this year's AVIATION EXPO in Kielce will be much larger than the previous edition - says Tomasz Krawiec, project manager of AVIATION EXPO.

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This year's AVIATION EXPO will feature exceptional machines,  including  Dynali H3 Sport 135HP - the latest and most powerful model of the ultralight helicopter from the Belgian manufacturer of commercial rotorcraft planes. There will be  Pipistrel Virus SW - a unique replica of the Curtiss Model D  of 1911.

AVIATION EXPO is also a place to expand your knowledge as the event is accompanied by two full-day conferences which bring together experts.  The Technology and Law for Aviation - technology and aviation law and Global Drone Conference - uncrewed aerial vehicles welcome participants.

Companies offering equipment related to, a varying degree, to the aviation industry also exhibit at AVIATION,  and among them  SpeedFloor with its flooring system for aviation facilities, TPP Thermoplastics Polska with grass grates for the airports' construction, the domestic producer of aviation lighting - AvioLights, the avionics of the Slovenian company Kanardia.

Aviation Expo is held from 11 to 12 September in Targi Kielce Exhibition and Congress Centre.

All information, including ticket prices and the complete list of exhibitors, can be found on the website  - https://www.targikielce.pl/aviation-expo

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