Aviation technologies and aviation law - the Aviation Expo 2021

11 september 2021
Experts in technology and aviation law met at Targi Kielce. The all-day Technology and Law for Aviation conference was held within the scope of this year's Aviation Expo 2021

The Technology and Law for Aviation conference is devoted to cutting-edge airports, cargo business development, paperless cockpits, ATPL training, ground-breaking technologies for air space management and companies' business secrets. The meeting features experts from Polish airports, representatives of ground handling companies, representatives of CARGO companies, European experts on legal regulations related to new technologies.

The panellists' list included  Alain Morier - A-350 pilot, Bartosz Orłowski - Polish Military ATS Office, or Paweł Adamiak from the ACS - a security company operating at the Chopin airport in Warsaw.

The event was organised by Joanna Wieczorek, an aviation-law expert, an affiliate at the Dentons Legal Office, a spokesman for the Polish Aero Club and a strategic advisor to Drone Alliance Europe.

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