26. edycja targów Enex zapowiada się rekordowo.

The 26th Poland’s largest renewable energy expo has started! There are plenty of attractions and novelties for visitors

07 february 2024
Energy-saving and ecological technologies aficionados, and renewable energy sector representatives reconvene in Kielce! 7 and 8 February at Targi Kielce marks another Enex Expo. Competitions with attractive prizes and many attractions for visitors, as well as presentations of premier solutions for home and industry, abound at the show. Electric car owners can charge their vehicle for free.

Expos full of energy

Enex guests can visit RESCity - a large exhibition zone which features product premieres, ample of games and competitions which can win you valuable prizes sponsored by exhibitors. One of the games - a city game by the GLOBEnergia editorial team is also on offer. The spectacular tournament organised by Corab is very popular among visitors; the six best photovoltaic companies in the country fight for the title of Installer of the Year. Enex is also a great treat for electromobility aficionados who can see latest models of electric, hybrid and even hydrogen cars in the flesh. You can also talk about e-mobility and renewable energy sector’s modern technologies in the Youtubers' Zone - nine of the most famous Internet creators will give their lectures. This year's expo hosts: Waldek from "Heat pump and PV", Sławomir - the host of the "Photovoltaic Panels" channel, Maciej from "HOLIBOOD - A HEalthy House" and Michał from the "e-Travelling all over Poland" channel. The Growatt Polska expo stand is the arena for a table tennis tournament played on a solar table. Everyone visiting the company's expo stand can take part in competitions with prizes. You can win a 4kW photovoltaic installation with assembly services - just visit the 4Eco expo stand. The Energynat group’s boot is the place to take part in the largest race in Poland and win the title of the fastest PV installer. Participants in the competition will wear goggles that transfer them to the virtual world.

Business-insiders conferences and forums

The first day of the ENEX sees the 16th Heat Pumps Forum held in the RESCity zone. The seminar offers the opportunity to learn about technical aspects and product innovations in the heat pump sector and heating technology in general. This is also the possibility of obtaining co-financing for this type of technology and the chance to exchange experience within the installators milieus. The second day of the expo witnesses the Solar+ Photovoltaics and Energy Storage Forum devoted to the PV industry, issues related to the future of photovoltaics in Poland and the dynamic development of energy storage. The initiative of the Polish Energy Storage Association, i.e. the Pesa Smart Energy Forum is held within the scope of the Expo;  Pesa Smart Energy Forum is the meeting designed for investors interested in energy storage, distributors in addition to installers and those looking for reliable knowledge about the energy storage market and technology. The next Energia PL conference is taking place in a new format and discusses profitability of investing in energy storage. The agenda also includes a panel discussion on energy storage in the context of energy security and a source of savings.

Innovations straight from Taiwan

The 26th largest renewable energy trade fair in Poland hosts over 300 companies from 15 countries, including those from distant Taiwan and Singapore. The expo is one of the most significant events for this industry. This year's Enex, (February 7 to 8), new trends from the renewable energy sector are presented in all seven expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. Innovations for home and industry, such as energy-saving and effective heating solutions and smart energy management systems translate into cost reduction and greater self-sufficiency. The latest achievements in the heat pumps, photovoltaics and electromobility are presented at exhibitors' expo stands and in the arena of product premieres. Several companies planned their premieres during the trade fair, including: Panasonic, LG, Viessmann, Fronius, Kensol, Corab, NIBE, GoodWe, BayWa re, Kołton and GARO.

Enex - your energy booster

Thanks to cooperation with EQUAY, 16 charging points for electric cars are created at Targi Kielce: 14 AC stations with a capacity of 11kW and 2 DC stations with a capacity of 30kW will be made available. The use of the devices - free;  you will only need to register via a special application and start charging. The chargers will be located in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre at gate no. 3.

The trade fair lasts two days, 7 and 8 February 2024 at Targi Kielce. Expo admission  -  free.

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Final of the RES city game, visit of the Polish Handball Champions i.e. Industria Kielce players, presence of YouTubers who doscuss renewable energy sector, electromobility zone and numerous competitions with attractive prizes. This, in a nutshell, was the first day of the Enex expo
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- Storage systems are necessary for renewable energy sources to maintain their development dynamics - said Barbara Adamska, president of the management board of the Polish Energy Storage Association, opening the two-day PESA SMART ENERGY FORUM. The event is held within the scope of Poland's largest renewable energy expo, Enex.