Premiery produktowe prezentowane są na arenie w hali E.

Propane heat pumps reign supreme at Enex! Targi Kielce with first-time shows and unveilings galore

07 february 2024
Panasonic and LG presented the latest heat pumps at the Enex expo in Kielce; these generated a huge interest. What sets them apart from others – zero impact on the environment. New solutions are also presented by Fronius, Kensol, Corab, NIBE, GoodWe, BayWa re, Kołton and GARO.

W 26. edycji największych targów odnawialnych źródeł energii w Polsce bierze udział ponad 300 firm z 15 krajów, w tym nawet z Tajwanu i Singapuru. To jedno z najbardziej znaczących wydarzeń dla tej gałęzi gospodarki. W  środę i czwartek, 7 i 8 lutego, we wszystkich siedmiu halach kieleckiego ośrodka prezentowane są nowe trendy z sektora OZE. Najnowsze osiągnięcia z zakresu m.in. pomp ciepła, fotowoltaiki i elektromobilności można poznać na stoiskach wystawców i na arenie premier produktowych w hali E. W trakcie targów premierowe produkty prezentuje kilkanaście firm m.in.: Panasonic, LG, Fronius, Kensol, Corab, NIBE, GoodWe, BayWa r.e., Kołton oraz GARO.


Pompy ciepła z czynnikiem R290 wśród nowości targów Enex w Kielcach

– Technologia wykorzystująca gazy R290 to przyszłość budownictwa i kierunek rozwoju tego sektora – mówił Sylwester Stafiej, specjalista ds. wsparcia projektowego z przedsiębiorstwa Panasonic.  

The 26th largest renewable energy trade fair in Poland hosts over 300 companies from 15 countries, including those from distant Taiwan and Singapore. The expo is one of the most significant events for this industry. This year's Enex, (February 7 to 8), new trends from the renewable energy sector are presented in all seven expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The latest achievements in the heat pumps, photovoltaics and electromobility are presented at exhibitors' expo stands and in the arena of product premieres. The E expo hall is the home for this section. Several companies planned their premieres during the trade fair, including: Panasonic, LG, Fronius, Kensol, Corab, NIBE, GoodWe, BayWa re, Kołton and GARO.


Heat pumps with R290 among the new products at the Kielce Enex

– Technology which makes use of R290 gases is the future of construction and the new direction of development of this sector – said Sylwester Stafiej, project support specialist from Panasonic.  

ECOi-WAQUA-G Blue H50-80 is a device dedicated to commercial use; the power of 50 to 80 kilowatts. Propane gas-based - this will be the leading trend in this sector in the coming years. The Panasonic heat pump can be successfully used in residential buildings as well as public buildings. – Our pump can also be used for cooling. The R290 refrigerant used in it has excellent thermodynamic properties. Now, this type of devices based on this technology have only just appearied on the market, and Panasonic is one of the first to offer- said Sylwester Stafiej. Due to its technology, the product was created from scratch and presented for the first time to a wide audience at the Kielce Enex.

The propane heat pump is also a new development presented by LG. - Therma V R290 Monobloc is a heat pump with zero environmental impact – says Marek Miotk, product manager at LG Electronics Polska.  – We achieve this result by using natural gas, propaneAlso exceptionally quiet operation is the competitive advantage. The sound power level does not exceed 51 decibels at the most efficient operation, 16 KW nominal power – explains Marek Miotk.

The nominal power of the product ranges; 12, 14 and 16 KW. – The electrical class of the device is A+++, it is economical,  it will work successfully both in houses that have already been built and which are being modernized and equipped with a heat pump installation, as well as in new houses. We recommend installing it in larger buildings with an area exceeding 200,000 m2. m2 – explains Marek Miotk from LG Electronics Polska.  – The pump will heat the building even if temperatures reach -28 degrees Celsius.

Gen24 inverter with battery connection option

Enex showcases the solution from Fronius - this new development is presented for the first time. You can purchase an upgrade for the Gen24 inverter that allows you to connect a battery. Why is this solution important? The Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter enables the use of energy storage and thus ensures complete energy self-sufficiency for power, heating, cooling and e-mobility, even at night.

10 years of the Viessmann Installer Program at the Enex Expo

Targi Kielce, however offers much more than exhibitions ... Viessmann celebrates the 10th anniversary of its proprietary Installer Program, aiming to create a network of installation companies that meet the highest quality standards. – Today we officially started anniversary celebrations. We celebrate all year round -  bonuses, material prizes and trips await installers. We appreciate every tenth installation, new ones registered in our program. You are most welcome to participate in the Competition! Details on our website programinstalator.pl - said Aneta Tomczyk, project coordinator at Viessmann.







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