Barbara Adamska, prezes zarządu Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Magazynowania Energii.

Pesa Smart Energy Forum at Kielce Enex Expo! "Energy storage is an essential element of the energy system's transformation."

07 february 2024
- Storage systems are necessary for renewable energy sources to maintain their development dynamics - said Barbara Adamska, president of the management board of the Polish Energy Storage Association, opening the two-day PESA SMART ENERGY FORUM. The event is held within the scope of Poland's largest renewable energy expo, Enex.

The president of the Kielce exhibition and congress centre Andrzej Mochoń, PhD., emphasised that the Enex has grown from one or two expo halls to today's seven; this development has continued for 26 years. – The renewable energy industry has finally had its time to act, and this year energy storage seems to be the leading topic.  The expo witnessed many companies presenting their premiere products from this segment. I hope you will find space to visit the impressive exhibition,  we host over 300 companies - said  Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of the Board, Targi Kielce  – Judging by the industry's development in recent years, we can confidently predict that companies will further expand. We are preparing our expo centre to accommodate this boom. We intend to build a new expo hall of 12,000 square meters. I hope that in two years we will invite more companies to participate - noted Doctor Andrzej Mochoń.  

PESA SMART ENERGY FORUM enhances the Enex expo for the first time;  the event organised by the Polish Energy Storage Association has brought together experts and representatives of the energy industry who discuss the latest trends and solutions related to energy storage.

The opening lecture, by Barbara Adamska, president of the management board of the Polish Energy Storage Association, was devoted to the development of the energy storage market in Poland. Regulations and trends that shape the current energy landscape have been extensively discussed.

The first session featured experts discussing the energy storage market targeted at consumers. Market analyses and the impact of prosumer storage on the National Energy System are presented. The EMITER.NET and Huawei development are important elements of this discussion.

The second session focuses on energy storage in industrial enterprises;  this forum's session is partnered by GoodWe. Cezary Wawrzos, Technical Manager Eastern and South-Eastern Europe at GoodWe, and Szymon Piasecki, Business Development Manager at Apator, discuss the importance of energy storage for power supply security and cost optimisation in industrial companies.

The debate saw participants discuss investing in energy storage and factors that should be taken into account by potential investors. Representatives of IMPACT, Polenergia, Elmech-ASE and CORAB take part in the discussion, too.

The third session focuses on the role of energy storage in energy clusters and energy cooperatives. and presents sase studies and business models for investing in energy storage systems.

The end of the first day of the forum saw Barbara Adamska and Mieczysław Wrocławski, presidents of the management board of the Polish Energy Storage Association recapitulate the lectures and present the conclusions from the discussion.

PESA SMART ENERGY FORUM is an important event - a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences and promotes innovative solutions in the field of energy storage. The forum also takes place on Thursday, 8 February.


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