MSPO 2021 and the technical modernisation plan

26 november 2020
According to the Ministry of National Defence announcements, the Polish army in in for a serious modernisation to be completed by 2026

For years the International Defence Industry Exhibition  has been the place for companies' presentation; this is where prospective bidders for government contracts may showcase their offer.  According to the TECHNICAL MODERNISATION PLAN until 2026 presented by the Operational Centre of the Ministry of National Defence, the following tasks are worth considering:

  1. HARPIA programme - acquisition of a new generation multirole aircraft.
  2. NAREW programme - acquisition of short-range anti-aircraft missile batteries to combat, inter alia, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as destroy missiles.
  3. KRUK programme - acquisition of modern assault helicopters for the land forces aviation component.
  4. MIL programme - a domestic tool and software for effective operations in cyberspace complemented with the most modern Polish cryptographic technologies.
  5. WISŁA programme - medium-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system, one of the main elements of the country's air defence system.
  6. PUSTELNIK programme - acquisition of anti-tank missile launchers with guided missiles.
  7. REGINA programme - acquisition of 155 mm division fire modules.
  8. Company fire module - 120 mm self-propelled RAK mortars - acquisition of several-company fire modules as part of the modernisation of the Missile and Artillery Troops
  9. HOMAR programme - acquisition of a squadron module of multiple launch rocket system capable of hitting targets at 70-300 km distances
  10. MIECZNIK programme - acquiring a coastal defence vessel to replace the units withdrawn from service and to increase the ability to cooperate within allied and coalition task forces.
  11. ORKA programme - development of the capability to destroy surface and underwater targets with the use of a New Type Submarine.
  12. PŁOMYKÓWKA programme - acquisition of comprehensive air reconnaissance aircraft.
  13. GRYF programme - acquisition of medium-range tactical unmanned aerial vehicles.
  14. MUSTANG programme - acquisition of high-mobility trucks and people carriers.
  15. WAŻKA programme - micro-class unmanned aerial vehicles intended for use mainly in urban areas.
  16. BORSUK programme - introducing a new combat vehicle based on a universal modular tracked chassis, developed and manufactured by the Polish defence industry.

The 29th International Defence Industry Exhibition is held in Targi Kielce from 7 to 10 September 2021. Wo look forward to seeing you.


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