12 january 2021
Entrepreneurs placing packaged products on the Polish market pay the lowest recycling fees compared to other EU member-states. This causes a collapse in the secondary raw materials market, making selective waste collection unprofitable. The changes are to be brought about by the system of extended producer responsibility (ROP)
11 january 2021
We are not slowing down the pace in the new year. We cordially invite you to join the upcoming meeting - this time we set sails and go to Croatia. The webinar will be held under the banner: "Discovering the Balkans - why it is worth investing in Croatia".
11 january 2021
The original, modern design, charm and unique atmosphere of the renovated room in Zagnańsk - this is the result of the TK interior designers work.
11 january 2021
Only 32 percent of Communes in Poland have concluded an agreement with provincial funds for environmental protection and water management under the "Clean Air" programme. This is the data provided by the Polish Economic Institute. Related to the number of inhabitants, most applications were submitted in Lower Silesia.

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