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Maiman Laser is the head enterprise of industrial-grade solid-state lasers in China, founded in 2010, dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of lasers, and was named a national high-tech enterprise in 2018. Maiman laser has excellent laser research and development capabilities, the first domestic R & D and production of miniature end-pumped lasers, creating a precedent for the commercialisation of passive Q-modulated laser technology; the first and exclusive use of a new design route in China, overcoming the technical problems of UV laser power attenuation, product performance up to the international level; the first series of solid-state lasers with high energy, the products in the processing of super-semiconductor materials, hard material processing has a Unique advantages, can be used for silicon carbide wafer scribing, silicon wafer two-dimensional code marking, aluminium-based silicon carbide heat-sinking etching, diamond processing, precision cutting of aviation-grade carbon fibre plate and other fields; for the diamond processing industry can provide a complete solution, including diamond slicing processing, diamond seed coring, diamond profile cutting (4P machine), diamond planning and so on. Maiman's products range from infrared to deep ultraviolet, from nanoseconds to femtoseconds, and from narrow linewidth to tunable; the laser product line layout is comprehensive, and product safety, stability, beam quality, service life and other indicators are much higher than the industry average. The company has obtained over 30 patents, developed various original products, and sold over 40,000 sets of different types of lasers. Precision Meiman, quality to the best, Maiman company will be sharp innovation, continuous improvement at the same time, the pursuit of excellence in quality, is committed to the international market competitiveness of high-quality laser products research and development and production.
UV laser 30W
UV laser 30W
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