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More than 30 years ago, in Grossaitingen near Augsburg, a small plant was established where Mr. Bernd Siegmund designed and built his first fastening and clamping systems. Today company Siegmund is a world leader in the production of welding tables and fastening tools. Every day, our team uses tons of steel in production in our 70,000 square meters of factories. We deliver Siegmund tables and tools to 60 countries around the world, where they work in every industry. They are mostly used in the construction and production of machines, vehicles and widely understood metalworking. Our clients are both small family businesses and large international corporations. Welders use Siegmund systems to produce elements of wagons, cranes, overhead cranes, excavators as quickly and accurately as small, complex machine parts for the food or medical industry. Complicated and large details are no longer a problem, because the adjustment of Siegmund system is easy, fast, while ensuring precision and repeatability.
Plasma nitrided Siegmund tables and tools are extremely durable and wear-resistant during operation, the ease of their expansion guarantees our customers constant production on them for many years. Siegmund systems users always set high expectations for us and it gives us a power for constantly developing, introducing new solutions, improving our tables and tools.
All technical projects for our clients are supervised by our team of engineers and constructors who are always willing to provide technical advice and ensure that your orders are carried out in the shortest possible time.
Welcome to the world of Siegmund tables and tools!
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