Nowy robot zintegrowany z wtryskarką Engel  przedsiębiorstwo TMA Automation pokaże na targach Plastpol w Kielcach.

TMA Automation joins Plastpol 2024 with a new device combining overmolding, IML and assembly technology

16 april 2024
The device presented by TMA Automation at the May Plastpol expo indicates the main directions of the company's development: IML labeling, overmolding, assembly stations. Visitors can register for the may event at Targi Kielce

Plastpol - 21 to 24 May welcomes TMA Automation presentation of its latest products at two expo stands.  Visitors can see the new insert over-moulding robot combined with IML and assembly at the Engel Polska expo stand.

The new device integrated with an Engel injection moulding machine is the result of the 2022 merger, when TMA became part of the Engel group. The new station injects plastic and forms screwdriver handles and a box with a label on in one cycle, combining overmolding, IML and assembly technologies.

Overmolding creates a handle - a Cartesian robot places an insert of a screwdriver;  boxes are decorated with an external label using IML technology, which means the label is applied before the plastic injection process. At the end of the process, the elements are completed, i.e. assembled in a box wit the screwdrivers inside. This device illustrates the main directions of TMA development: IML labeling, overmolding, assembly stations.

TMA Automation expo stand will present the well-known and popular microLINE Cartesian robot with the SICK object recognition system. - The system scans the detail moving on the conveyor, and the robot adjusts the position of the gripper relative to the detail to retrieve it without stopping the conveyor - announces Maciej Bielas from TMA Automation.  

The Targi Kielce’s 28th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL is held in Targi Kielce from 21 to 24 May 2024. Registration for visitors and ticket sales continues on

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