Inicjatywa skierowana jest do przedsiębiorstw, które z powodzeniem przeprowadziły cyfryzację w ciągu ostatnich dwóch lat.

The Polish Factory of the Future urgently needed

30 june 2021
This is the last chance to take part in the Factory of the Future competition; the initiative targeted companies that have proven to succeed in going digital in the recent two years

Not only is the competition participation a promotion on the domestic market, but also a chance for participation in the study of the degree of maturity of enterprises carried out with the use of the ADMA method.
 The best is awarded the title of the Factory of the Future. The campaign is organised by the Future Industry Platform (PPP). The Factory of the Future competition is targeted at small, medium and large companies which have been the arena for industry 4.0 solutions implementation in the last two years and these new developments brought tangible benefits. The initiative is entering the final stage; applications can be submitted via the website www.przemyslprzyszlosci.gov.pl/fabryka-przyszlosci/ for 21 more days.

Factories participating in the competition will undergo ADMA (ADvanced Manufacturing) screening, an examination of the digital maturity degree of enterprises. Experts analyse the implementation degree of the advanced production concept based on seven elements:

  1. Advanced production technologies- cost limitation, increased machine efficiency, higher product quality, improved reliability, reduced parts inventory, shorter lead times and faster production,
  2. Factory digitisation - a production plant where people, machines, products (even  input raw materials) share real-time information about all stages of the production process,
  3. Eco-friendliness of the factory - production methods should take into account environmental aspects in accordance with the circular economy’s guidelines,
  4. Customer-focused engineering - a process designed to meet customer expectations regarding the products throughout the life cycle of commodities, done in a comprehensive way,
  5. An organisation focused on people - in accordance with ISO 27500: 2016 and ISO 27501: 2019. The standards define key criteria, ergonomics and human factors, as well as rationale and guidelines for board members,
  6. Intelligent Manufacturing is defined as a group of systems for full integration, which collaborates with production units that real-time respond to changing requirements and conditions in the factory, supply network and customer needs.
  7. The factory openness as part of the value chain - a value chain approach aimed at understanding the needs of companies and entities within a given industry.

The title of the Factory of the Future is reserved for the best of the best. Additionally, special prizes and distinctions will be awarded. The winners will be entitled to display the plaque and place the competition logo in promotional materials. Winners can count on promotion in the  Industry of the Future  industry magazine and during debates and conferences organised by PPP.

The campaign was initiated by the Future Industry Platform, inspiring the development of industry 4.0 in Poland.  PPP helps in the process of modernisation and transformation of business so that domestic companies become possible on the global market. The organisers want to appreciate those companies which, despite the obstacles, cope really well on the market and have an impact on the competitiveness of the national economy.

 Source: www.magazynprzemyslowy.pl


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