Podczas targów przyznano wyróżnienia i medale

Industrial Spring and Industrial Autumn - accolades presentation

20 october 2021
The gala featured the best products presented during the expo and the best expo presentation ideas

The series of events organised as part of the "Industrial Spring at Targi Kielce" and "Industrial Autumn at Targi Kielce" has generated an even more significant interest every consecutive edition. Now the shows are booming.

Awards and Distinction of the expos were presented at the function.

 The competition category: STOM-TOOL - distinctions:

  1. Imponar's Torsiotronic Electromechanical torque screwdriver
  2. Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe - Poland branch - MAZAK SMOOTH MONITOR AX
  3. HASAN for the MI 20 high-pressure multistage electro pump
  4. Amada for the HRB 1003 ATC Press Brake

STOM-TOOL 2021 MEDALS were awarded to:

  1. Łukasiewicz Research Network - Kraków Technological Institute for metallic and diamond tools without the use of critical materials - tools used for treatment of concrete and stone surfaces
  2. Gonar Bis for Ceramic bond for abrasive tools, especially for tools made of cubic boron nitride, intended for the processing of ultra-strong nanobainite steels

In the STOM - BLECH & CUTTING 2021 category - a medal was awarded to AJAN POLSKA AEP for SHP260 ND-PNWE.

The STOM-ROBOTCS distinctions were presented to GM AUTOMATYKA for FLEXIBOWL - a device for innovative parts and components feeding in the production process.  

The CONTROL-STOM and KIELCE FLUID POWER category. The award was presented to MICROTECH Private Scientific Manufacturing Enterprise for Computerised precision micron calliper with force control 1to20N with long range wireless data transfer to PC or tablet adopted to industry 4.0. CONTROL-STOM  medals went to: NNT for MagStress5d (Control-Stom) and Wrocław University of Technology, Laboratory of Hydraulic Drives and Vibroacoustics of Machines for the prototype low-pulsation gear pump.

The awards were also granted at the 3D Printing Days. The jury panel recognised: OMNI 3D for FACTORY 2.0 NET and ROSA 3D for Filament Rainbow Silk. Medals were awarded to: 3dArtech for SkribiArt Technology and Sygnis New Technologies for its E-NIS 23181.

The METAL expo awards included the distinctions for Diamant Metallplastic for DICHTOL HTR HS Formulation for sealing castings microporosity and the Łukasiewicz Research Network of the Krakow Institute of Technology for the method production of a ceramic multilayer mould which utilises a regenerated moulding mass as a substitute for fresh ceramic material for subsequent external layers. The METAL expo medals were presented to the Łukasiewicz Research Network of the Krakow Technology Institute for: developing the composition and production technology of a new generation of hybrid bentonite and for the innovative pro-ecological furfuryl resins - Żyfur EKO dedicated to the foundry industry. The medal was also awarded to Zębiec Metal and Mining Works for the PLUS LINE (Bentonite Special Plus and the Bentonite-Kormix Plus mixture).

The Aluminum & NonFermet 2021 recognised Foundry Ecocer for its Alloying Rocks. The medal was awarded to the Łukasiewicz Research Network Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice, Skawina Branch, for the technology of casting aluminium alloy ingots with a diameter of over 400 mm with a central hole in a semi-continuous casting system.  

During the ceremony, awards and a medal were awarded for the most original, elegant and innovative exhibition expo stand arrangements.

TOP DESIGN 2021 AWARDS were presented to the following companies: TECHCONTROL, PCB Service, METALS MINERALS, COMPUTES Group, INTERPOLER, ITALTEC, SOLUTION TRADE, YAMAZAKI MAZAK Central Europe, DEMATEC POLSKA, BYSTRONIC Polska, CNC Machine Center, CLOOS-Polska, ROLLICO POLSKA, ECO-LINE and FERROCORE. TOP DESIGN 2021 medals were presented to the following companies: BCB, KRATOS POLSKA, HAIMER, Rösler.

In addition to the above-mentioned awards and distinctions, companies celebrating their anniversaries this year were also honoured during the gala ceremony.


1z6N0272-20211019-Binkowski-TargiKielce-Stom-gala.jpg [223.33 KB]

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