Nowoczesne oprogramowanie abas ERP pozwala optymalizować codzienne procesy biznesowe.

Modern solutions from the abas Group

16 september 2021
Abas Business Solutions Poland - one of the world's leading suppliers of software designed to manage and improve all production processes in foundries. Meet one of this year's METAL exhibitors.

Abas company is a part of the global ABAS Group,  a global leader in digitisation, the creator of modern ERP solutions. ABAS has helped enterprises to improve business processes for 41 years. The group has its professional footmark on almost 30 countries in over 60 locations. The form employs over 1,100 experts. The company's Polish branches are located in Katowice and Zielona Góra.

The cutting-edge abas ERP software  - agile and flexible components you can use to optimise everyday business processes, support teamwork and thus increase the company's efficiency. The abas ERP system is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that provides each employee with the necessary functions and information.

The METAL expo welcomes the abas Business Solutions Poland expo stand, the place to learn about the details of a specially created module.  The new development is targeted at the foundry and metalworking industry event and manufacturers of metal components. The Abas Group specialists will also help to understand what is the success of remote implementation and modernised of production processes.  This will be illustrated with the most critical industries.

We encourage you to visit the expo stand of abas Business Solutions Poland - F EXPO HALL.  Join us from 19 to 21 October 2021 for the International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL.



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