The Office of Technical Inspection offers its auspices to CONTROL-TECH

04 july 2022
The Polish Centre for Testing and Certification and the Office of Technical Inspection have again granted their patronage to the Fair of Industrial Measurement Technology and Non-Destructive Testing CONTROL-TECH in Kielce. The office ensures the safety of devices and technical installations it supervises, being Poland’s central unit of this kind.

As Andrzej Ziółkowski, President of the Office of Technical Inspection, wrote in his address: 

The event organised by you is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and present ideas in the field of measurement techniques. Exhibitions of the CONTROL-TECH expo make a platform for discussing current trends and the possibility of carrying out research on objects without interfering with their functional features. The Office of Technical Inspection’s objective is to constantly raise the level of technical culture and popularise technical safety, which is why it is pleased to engage in initiatives in this area. I wish the upcoming edition of the expo is a success and abound with interesting discussions that will result in the development of comprehensive solutions in the field of broadly defined product safety.

 The Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology and Non-Destructive Testing CONTROL-TECH is held in Targi Kielce - the upcoming edition welcomes guests from 20 to 22 September 2022.  

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