Dr hab. inż. Jerzy Jóźwik, profesor uczelni, dyrektor biura Polskiej Unii Metrologicznej omówił cele i zadania instytucji.

Metrology - paves the way for innovative industry changes. The seminar within the scope of the Control-Tech

20 september 2022
Metrology can solve many problems of enterprises - said Katarzyna Borowicz, deputy director of the Department of Innovation and Development at the Central Office of Measures during the Science - Business - Economy seminar "Metrological challenges for the industry in the global economy". The event was held within the scope of the Control-Tech Expo in Kielce.

The "Metrological challenges for the industry in the global economy" seminar "organizer  - the Polish Metrological Union. - The most important goals of establishing the Polish Metrological Union are networking and activities positioning in Polish metrology, setting research directions, supporting staff development, and organising forums and conferences. The most important task is to make a general metrological inventory, i.e. a list of key scientific research equipment, which is owned by academic centres, institutes, and the Łukasiewicz Research Network - explained Doctor Hab. Engineer Jerzy Jóźwik, university professor, director of the Polish Metrological Union office.

An essential objective of PUM is cooperation with the industry, promotion of science, and metrology promotion for doctoral work, i.e. cooperation of the doctoral student with the enterprise, which will result in the development of a solution to the reported problem.

As Dr. hab. Engineer  Jerzy Jóźwik said, the compiled list of metrological devices will allow to develop a system, enhance its use in the Polish centres - this will serve the development of science. As a result, metrology will provide innovative solutions for many fields of industry and science.  - A publicly available digital base of metrological equipment will have a strong impact on the cooperation boost, also with industry - added Jerzy Jóźwik.

The Central Office of Measures will play a pivotal role in the development of metrology and its impact on the industry.  - GUM has a high research and development potential,  which also supports the development and implementation of new technologies, said Katarzyna Borowicz, deputy director of the Innovation and Development Department at the Central Office of Measures.

In order for the institution to make accurate measurements and be able to provide solutions for economic development, modern research and scientific infrastructure is needed; thus, the Świętokrzyski Laboratory Campus, which is unique in the country, is built in Kielce. The centre will provide significant support for the economy, research and development centres and universities. Here, measurements for acoustics, time and frequency, length, mass and related quantities, and thermometry will be available. The construction is to complete in December 2023. The campus will be the backbone of the Polish administration in the field measurements.

The Świętokrzyskie Laboratory Campus is also the foundation for a platform combining metrology with science and business. - The Metrology Cluster is a flywheel for Polish industry - said Katarzyna Borowicz. Solutions and new metrological trends will serve the Polish economy as part of the cluster's development.

A number of topics and presentations of the metrology possibilities were showcased,  including the use of CT techniques and 3D scanning in the industry. Problem solving in foundry and foundry processes with the use of 3D measuring scanners was discussed.   The use of ZEISS X-ray systems for the rapid inspection of aluminium alloy, magnet and cast iron castings was analysed too. There were talks about the use of digital microscopy in the industry and about solutions for testing the wear and tear, and strength of materials.

- Metrology will solve many problems of enterprises - said Katarzyna Borowicz.



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