The Metrology Cluster is a flywheel for Polish industry

22 september 2022
The "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" , an agreement was signed with two Polish production companies as part of the Metrology Cluster. The Cluster is to provide the most cutting-edge metrological solutions to Polish industry, including the defence industry.

The Metrological Cluster was established on 6 April 2022 during the Targi Kielce's Industrial Measurement Technology Fair; the Cluster brings together various institutions, including business and scientific milieus and non-governmental organisations. So far, the membership agreement has been signed by over 30 companies. On Thursday, 22 September, on the third day of "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn", the contract was signed by SMARTTECH and SONEL. On behalf of Targi Kielce, the contract was signed by the Director of Targi Kielce's Congress Centre, Andrzej Kiercz.

Metrological Cluster as an opportunity for the enterprises' development

- We are happy that we joined the Cluster. SMARTTECH is a Polish company that has been producing 3D scanners for 22 years in the market.   The Cluster is an ideal tool to connect science and entrepreneurs and will also allow Polish entrepreneurs to develop products and measuring devices faster. I think this is a good start for creating a brand of our Polish metrology worldwide - added Anna Gębarska from SMARTTECH.

Metrology Cluster - the opportunity for cooperation between science and business

- SONEL is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of measuring devices;  in addition, for over 27 years, we have been a leading company producing equipment for professional power engineering. The company's structure also includes a measurement and calibration laboratory. I think that the combination of science and metrology will give us a great chance for cooperation - emphasised Dorota Kołakowska from SONEL SA

The fact that the Metrology Cluster is a cooperation forum was also emphasised by Professor   Jacek Semaniak, who additionally mentioned the actions already taken by the Central Office of Measures in the field of Polish metrology:

- Within two years, we managed to launch a nationwide metrological offensive, catalysed by the fact that modern laboratory facilities for the broadly defined Polish metrology and industry are being built in Kielce. Our laboratory resources located in Kielce will be dedicated to the collaboration between Polish and foreign companies and universities. We will undertake research challenges that will instil new development prospects for the industry - said the professor. In the short term, we will be able to develop unique competencies on a European and global scale. We effectively cooperate with higher education institutions as a part of two projects, which include the Polish Metrology Union and the Polish Metrology Program. We also undertake joint research projects with the industrial and economic environment. The Metrology Cluster coordinated by Targi Kielce is such a cooperation forum -  President of the Central Office of Measures - Professor Jacek Semaniak

Bożena Staniak, Vice-President of Targi Kielce's Management Board emphasised that it was no coincidence that Targi Kielce has been appointed the Metrology Cluster coordinator. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre has been associated with the metrology industry for years, thanks to its two expos - i.e.  CONTROL-STOM and CONTROL-TECH. One of these fairs is an element of a events conglomerate hald under the banner of "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn".

The second part of the seminar was devoted to EU funds and competitions for companies planned or implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. First of all, the PARP projects were indicated as those designed to increase the competencies of employees and employers -  start-up platforms for new ideas, ROBOGRANT, New Start and the Innovation Manager Academy. The available EU funds implemented under the new financial perspective 2021-2027: the European Fund for Modern Economy, the European Fund for Eastern Poland and the European Fund for Social Development. One of the activities planned under the European Funds for the Modern Economy is the development of enterprises by supporting clusters. The objective is to develop innovation centres and technological specialisation consortia, which will contribute to expanding their offer with pro-innovative services offered to entrepreneurs.

The next Metrology Cluster membership agreements will be signed at the mid-October 2022 meeting of the Metrological Union in Lublin.


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