Merytorycznie o branży dziecięcej podczas Business Forum.

The child products and services business sector and its knowledge pool

20 december 2021
Compelling presentations and lectures which feature foreign guests who join the Business Forum - this is the early herald for attractions galore at the upcoming KIDS’ TIME. The lineup is truly promising!

Traditionally Kids’ Time  -  the child-product business sector expo abounds with seminars and workshops. These will bring together industry professionals. The Business Forum is organised as part of the expo; its participants will take part in a workshop with Reyne Rice - an American trendsetter and world-class journalist. Reyne will lecture on the latest trends in the global toy market. Last year’s meeting with Rayne was a real magnet for the guests.  Izabella Tymińska PhD. - a lecturer and practitioner from the Customs Expert will talk about what the New (dis)Order looks like; this will be the entrepreneur’s perspective.  Other issues discussed during the Business Forum - purchases outside the EU,-restrictions on toys, topics related to proper labelling, instructions, trademarks and licenses. Michał Korba of User.com will explain how to automate marketing in the children’s industry.  There will also be legal issues in abundance - the toy market legal aspects will be discussed by Monika Żuraw PhD. from the Law Firm Żuraw Gierszewski. Certification and laboratory testing of toys will be delved into by Joanna Janicka of the JS Hamilton Research Laboratory.  Piotr Wita of Szkrab Wita - the brand and store owner’s perspective on the Polish pram market will be insightfully presented.

The international character of the event will be additionally emphasised by the visit of journalists, including those from Turkey, the USA, Sweden and England.  Guests who have already declared their presence represent such editorial offices as Baby&Kid Store, Toys Magazine, Lek&Babyrevyn and Nursery Online.

The consecutive Targi Kielce expos’ editions is to be held from 16 to 18 February 2022.


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