The toy market report - a functional tool for producers

24 february 2023
The opportunities offered by the report on the toy market were presented by Paweł Szmidt, market development manager at RMD Research. The sessio was a part of the Kids' Time Expo in Kielce. – The data we provide is not an estimation, it is the total of the sales. So there is no estimation error. - reverberates the lecturer

The report prepared by RMD Research presents the sales results of the vast majority of products from the entire toy market. Traditional and online sales are included.

– We collect data pertaining to 65 per cent of toy sales market, including toys bought in shops, via online platforms of stores and allegro.pl, and we also have data on the sale of private labels, i.e. those produced by chains. In the case of e-commerce, we only consider the sale related to new products sold by business entities. Thus you can see the entire trade analysis - described Paweł Szmidt.  

The data is presented in interactive form, i.e. online reports. - Each company that downloads the data has information about what the presentation consists of. According to our analyses, Poland's toy market value in 2022 was PLN 4.7 billion. Compared to 2021, it grew by 12.5 per cent. If our estimate accounts for 65-66 percent of the toy market in Poland, it can be assumed that the entire market value is PLN 7.3 billion. 96 million toys were sold in Poland, 3.1 per cent more than in 2021. We can see that the prices of toys have increased by 9.1 per cent year on year - says Paweł Szmidt.  

The report allows you to know the sales results of each group of the toy market, such as blocks, games, toys for children up to 5 years old, etc. Each of these groups has been additionally analyzed, the separate elements allow you to know the period the products are most often bought and when it is not profitable to put them on store shelves.   

- The general information is broken it down into different elements. I can see which products are sold in larger numbers and which sales are declining - said the RMD specialist. – Not only that, I have data on the market share of individual players, the most significant increases and decreases.

The company goes a step further in the analyses and even examines the consumer's flexibility in purchasing options. – We prepare price points, thanks to which you can know how the value and volume of sales will change if, for example, the price of a product is increased by five per cent. The report offers great opportunities to obtain market data - explained Paweł Szmidt during the Kids' Time Expo in Kielce.



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