Strefa Debiutów na Targach KIDS' Time.

Debutants at the KIDS' Time Expo

23 february 2023
For the first time in its history, the KIDS' Time expo witnessed the Trade Fair Debuts Zone. The nine companies offering innovative products and active in the children's industry presented their portfolios. The debuts included baby monitors, remote-controlled swings, a self-heating bottle, car footrests, educational board games, and baptism and communion outfits. The KIDS' TIME Expo continues until 24 February

The first presentation in the Debuts Zone was delivered by Grzegorz Szymański from the  B3 – a general distributor of premium brands of kitchen equipment. The company boasts 15 years of experience and offers modern warehouses and an office in two Polish cities. The company focuses on modern solutions and tools, automation of the service and ordering process. Tbrands presented by Grzegorz Szymański included  Mombento – a manufacturer of food containers, e.g. a breakfast container for children with personalization possibility, Lund London – reusable bottles and a cordless lamp. These products that can be recycled. WMF  brand offers cutlery and porcelain dishes as well as egg cups. B3's offer is displayed at Expo stand C-4.

Another company which also presented its portfolio in the Trade Fair Debuts Zone is  Baby Moov offering rockers, remote-controlled swings, steamers and blenders, ecological electronic and technological baby monitors. The rich and diversified offer will be presented at the A- 54 expo stand.

A representative of the Carello  company, a manufacturer of prams, high chairs, playpens, walkers and other articles for children cordially invited to pay a visit toe the epo stand No. E-27 in order to become familar themselves with the company's offer.

Dariusz Pałka presented on behalf of the  OK DAY  company, a manufacturer of car accessories that facilitate travelling with a child. There were   stópołapki (footrests)  among the presented debuts; car footrests made of light alloys, very safe. These were complemented with inserts for child seats. The OKI DAY company presents its offer at E-32 expo stand.

Papillon Distribution – a distributor of Mushie, Frigg, Ezimoov and Yoomi products for children; the insight was given by the President of Board - Katarzyna Kurkiewicz. In her speech, Katarzyna presented products of   Swedish  Mushie with swaddles, teethers, diapers and pendants, Danish Frigg  with soothers for children with different endings, French Ezimoov with car accessories for children made of recycled plastic bottles and British Yoomi with a bottle that heats the milk; the bottle gets heated it in water. Papillon offer is displayed at Expo stand C-67.

Piapimo - a manufacturer of layette articles: sleeping bags, cones, armchair covers, maternity and feeding pillows, cuddly toys, and decorations for children's rooms. The portfolio includes 200 products. The Debut Zone at the KIDS'S Expo also featured Aneta Kowalska spaeking on behalf of her company, presenting exceptionally aesthetic products, e.g. covers for car seats and a washable hospital bag. The company can be found at D-25 Expo stand in Targi Kielce.

An interesting offer of educational games presented at the KIDS' Time Expo was delivered by  Science Board Publishing - its strategic game "Chemical Detective" based on the rules of the battleship and the natural game "Life Cycles" consisting in arranging the development cycle of the body using an application. The games based on the learning through play principle can be explored at Expo stand A-67.

In the following presentation, Szymon Niestryjewski made the audience familiar with the activities of SN Account LTD - a group of four companies: SN Accounts, DTA, Back2UK, ProfitCrew;thanks to mutual cooperation, they provide comprehensive sales services to Great Britain SN Account can be found at booth D-8 at the KIDS' Time Expo.

The last of the debutants at the children's industry expo in Targi Kielce was Victoria - a manufacturer of clothes for baptism and communion: dresses, suits, sweaters and accessories: bracelets or gloves, whose offer can be seen at stand D-63.

Urszula Kaszubowska, the Editor-in-chief of the Branża Dziecięca Magazine hosted the meeting.

Join us in Targi Kielce - we look forward to seeing you. The expo contines until Friday, 24 Febtuary.


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