MSPO features talks about state's defence capabilities

08 september 2020
Representatives of the university milieus have organised the national scientific conference "The defence industry activities which benefit the state's critical and defence infrastructure" held within the scope of the International Defence Industry Exhibition 2020

It has been the tradition that the International Defence Industry Exhibition has witnessed the scientific conference.  A year ago, there was a meeting held under the banner of   "Defence industry as Poland's economic and defence policy main subject"  Papers from the previous edition were published by the "Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa" publishing house. Today we have received this book  - said Professor   Paweł Soroka, head of the National Security Department at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce at the beginning of the meeting.

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This year's session was entirely devoted to the state's critical infrastructure and defence capabilities which play a crucial role for the state and its citizens' life. The meeting puts particular emphasis on the defence industry. The conference includes papers on the nature and functions of the state's critical infrastructure, Europe's critical infrastructure, water intakes protection in urban areas, functional elements of airports as parts of critical infrastructure: - As a state, we have worked out specific regulations. We try to include and comply with the rules that result from the European Union and NATO membership  - said  Jolanta Cichosz PhD. at the meeting.

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The conference organisers: The Institute of International Relations and Public Policies in conjunction with the Department of Security Sciences at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce and Targi Kielce SA and partners, including the School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences, the Warsaw School of Management – Higher Education Institution, the Polish Defense and Industry Agency and the Polish Industrial Lobby. 


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