Andrzej Mochoń bestowed the “Blue Wings”

23 november 2020
The President of Targi Kielce’s Management Board received the Aviation Honorary Award of the Year for his lifetime achievement for Polish aviation

The “Blue Wings” Chapter composed of representatives of the editorial office of the Skrzydlata Polska Aviation Magazine, members of the People of Aviation Foundation - FL2, with the support of the General Command of the Branches of the Armed Forces has again awarded individuals and institutions for their outstanding aviation achievements and overall involvement for the benefit of  Polish aviation. The “Blue Wings” awards have been awarded since 1964.

- This is the most prestigious award in the aviation milieus in Poland - says Wojciech Łuczak, the editor-in-chief of the Skrzydlata Polska Aviation Magazine - the Chapter awarded the president of Targi Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń, for his extraordinary determination to make the MSPO and Aviation Expo a true success in the year of the pandemic.

Dr. Andrzej Mochoń has also been awarded for active support of the Air Force Museum of Aviation in Dęblin and the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. The exhibitions of these entities were on show many times at Targi Kielce during the International Defence Industry Exhibition or the AVIATION EXPO.

In September 2020, Targi Kielce was again the home for the 28th edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, which gathered 185 exhibitors from 15 countries, despite the enormous perturbations related to the ever-changing regulations in international traffic as the result of the SARS Cov-2 pandemic.   The opponents of the event could be surprised with the exhibitions prepared in accordance with the sanitary regime, the lack of infections and the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors despite the much smaller size of this year’s trade fair.  The Defence Expo in 2020 brought together the elite of rocket and missile manufacturers - from Raytheon and Lockheed Martin from the US to the British part of MBDA. The three days’ exhibition attracted several thousand visitors.

Similarly, the aviation industry offered positive feedback regarding the 2nd International Aviation Expo, held at Targi Kielce in September this year. Unfortunately, the short time in which several fair events were organised did not improve the situation of the industry.  The prohibition of face-to-face encounters caused by a pandemic affects the whole business sector.   - We are waiting, full of hope to see the end of the pandemic and the lifting of restrictions. We are already preparing for the next trade fair season - says Andrzej Mochoń, the president of Targi Kielce - In September 2021, MSPO and Aviation Expo and another event, the International Forum of the Space Sector which expands the portfolio. We decided to organise the expo - the resolution was made only a few days ago in cooperation with the Kielce University of Technology and the Spartaqs company - a construction office operating in the high-tech industry.  

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