DEFENDER Awards presentation!

11 september 2020
One of the last highlights of the International Defence Industry Exhibition has been the presentation ceremony of the DEFENDER awards - the distinction is awarded every year by the Kielce defence fair's Programme Board. The gala ceremony was also the occasion to present the extraordinary awards of the Polish Army

Not only is the function the accolades presentation time, but also the recapitulation of this year's expo.  As Andrzej Mochoń PhD. emphasised, it is challenging to offer a brief punchline for this year's event. - It is not easy to have a quick wrap-up ... a success or a failure? The same question is on our Exhibitors' lips when we talk to them.  Time will tell how much we gained at this event. However, already today, I can say that it was worth fighting for this year's only defence industry exhibition in Europe. - said the President of Targi Kielce.

The Mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, emphasised the importance of organising the show. All the city of Kielce finds it significant - I would like to thank the fair organisers for their perseverance and consistency in pursuing their goals. Although the trade fair was smaller, not only was it possible to get to know the equipment, but also to exchange thoughts and engage in serious talks about safety. This more cosy atmosphere of this year's exhibition made it possible for all of us to focus more on the equipment, programmes and everything the uniformed services use to work daily. - added Mayor Wenta.

The DEFENDER awards were presented for the equipment designed to be used by the military.
 - We were surprised by the number of the competition applications, as well as the equipment quality presented for the jury panel's assessment - said Sebastian Chwałek, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence - We are also delighted that many of these applications are Polish products, produced in Polish plants - added the Chairman of the Program Board of MSPO.

The DEFENDER awards have been bestowed to:

  • -The Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw (the leader); the Central Military Bureau of Design and Technology SA from Warsaw for the e-NOSP network-centric system which uses data teletransmission for readiness management of aircraft ground handling equipment
  • The Military Institute of Armament Technology from Zielonka (the leader); Autocomp Management LLC  from Szczecin for the shooters training autonomous simulator of the PIORUN portable anti-aircraft missile system
  • ZURAD for the RobUV


The gala was the occasion to present the accolades of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support (the award goes to the 4th Regional Logistics Base in Wrocław for SKN-1Z control and repair station of the DNRS / 288 turret fire control system HITFIST 30mm at the KTO ROSOMAK), as well as the Main Award of the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces (presented to the Naval Inspectorate of the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces).

Following the previous years' example, the attractive expo presentation was recognised with medals and distinctions.  Medals went to:

  • HYUNDAI Rotem Company, South Korea
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA
  • The Military Institute of Armament Technology, Zielonka


A Medal for the United Kingdom Lead Nation Exhibition organisation was also awarded to the UK Defence and Security Exports, British Embassy and INTEC EXPORT INTELLIGENCE.

The expo organisers appreciated the Armed Forces Exhibition.  The General Staff of the Polish Army, the General Command of Branches of Armed Forces and the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support are the medal winners.  Special thanks and appreciation was offered to Colonel Grzegorz Lisowski, Deputy Chief of Technical Services Unit of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support.

The full list of winners is to be found here.

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