Military latest developments at MSPO

08 september 2020
For years, the International Defence Industry Exhibition has been the display for military equipment first and foremost. However, other uniformed services' have always been offered cutting-edge solutions. This year's expo welcomes those who make their début

The XXVIII International Defence Industry Exhibition differs from the previous years' trade shows. Yet the equipment suppliers have not disappointed the expo visitors who can admire cutting-edge weaponry, helicopters and armaments which enhance the uniformed services' capabilities.

Smart Mines

The General Jakub Jasiński Training Centre presents the Anti-Tank Mine Control System for the Engineering and Chemical Forces. "Jarzębiona" is the product's codename - it consists of 21 anti-tank mines with an EFP charge and the 100 meters operating range.  - With such a set at hand, we are able to lay a 750 meters wide and 400 meters deep minefield - says  Corporal Ariel Walczak.

The anti-tank mine for armoured vehicles destruction is fully automatic. A vehicle is detected through a sensor, and its route is analysed on the go. A mine explodes in the best possible moment.   - The all-Polish product - emphasises Corporal Walczak. The Military Institute of Engineering Technology in Wrocław has developed the "Jarzębina".

The new Ford as the response for new needs

The new Ford Ranger XLT, adapted to the military needs also has made its début at the trade show.  The cars are produced in South Africa, now they have undergone a complete modernisation - their tyres tires have been enhanced, they have also been equipped with an engine and the added rear-body especially for the use of uniformed services.  The car has been assigned tasks from those of the Honker, heavily used by the military.

- The army needs cars, not only are they required for the wartime, but also for peacetime operations. This will probably be its purpose - says Lieutenant Commander Artur Wtulich.

Over three years, 648 vehicles will be delivered for the uniformed services' use.

Leopard in the new unveiling

MSPO is the display for the Leopard 2A4 tank, the one which has been re-designed.  The three areas modernisation included improvement of ballistic protection, fire efficiency and functionality enhancement.    The ballistic protection strengthening consists of the installation of additional turret armour, replacement of ceramic inserts in the actual armour.  The efficiency improvement consists mainly in the weaponry modification, the commander's sight new version and thermal imaging cameras installation, delivered by the Polish company PCO.  The functionality has been improved by electric-drives equipped weapons, fire protection system replacement and the new reversing camera.

The modernisation scheme has been implemented by the Bumar – Łabędy from Gliwice.  Ultimately, all Leopard 2A4 units are to be the subject of refurbishment.


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