KIELCE IFRE-EXPO (12-14.06.2025)

5th International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO

Why joining the Targi Kielce's IFRE-EXPO?


  • Targi Kielce's IFRE-Expo is an international event which brings together industry-insiders of fire protection and rescue services business-sector.
  • The expo is an important platform for meetings, discussions, exchange of opinions and experiences. This is where present-day and prospective clients meet companies.
  • The industry meeting of leading manufacturers  and service providers form fire-fighting and fire-protection as well as occupational health and safety business sectors with supervision institutions and bodies - this offers an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the latest developments, laws and regulations and technological innovations. 
  • The expo programme is complemented with meetings for experts and industry insiders who boas hands-on experience.
  • The expos offer opportunity to present companies' offer in static and dynamic form. This is also an excellent opportunity to promote new products, establish in-depth dialogue and exchange of opinions
  • The expo enjoys the supported of business-sector related institutions and personages.
  • The expo hosts decision-makers responsible for equipment procurement for the state and volunteer fire-services
  • The trade shows is organised by an experienced team of professionals.
  • The expo programme is accompanied with an extensive program of of supplementary and fringe events (seminars, conferences, trainings). Industry professionals are the meetings keynote speakers and experts - this gives the opportunity to become familiar with today's market's situation.