Rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment

  • fire fighting and fire-suppression vehicles, special purpose vehicles
  • extinguishing and neutralizing agents
  • protective equipment and clothing for emergency services
  • sanitary equipment and first aid medicines
  • fire stations and workshops equipment

ITC and communications

  • hazard analysis and recognition
  • fires cause investigation

specialised rescue services

  • chemical and ecological rescue services
  • emergency medical and mountain rescue services
  • water rescue services
  • technical rescue services
  • Railway Technical Rescue Services
  • Road Technical Rescue Services
  • Mining Technical Rescue Services
  • High Altitude Technical Rescue Services

Technical Security Systems

  • protection and security services
  • preventive and structural fire protection
  • floods protection

fire alarm systems

  • manual call points (RCP)
  • signalling devices
  • emergency power supply systems 
  • civil engineering and security

Associations, organizations, service companies

Schools, training centres