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Termetal company offers a wide range of induction heating systems that can be used in metal industry.

• induction coreless furnacess for melting cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metals
• power supplies 5kW - 4000kW
• crucible capacity 1kg - 6000kg
• computer control melting system
• delivery, installation, start-up and personnel training
• cooling systems

Heating before hot forming
• induction heaters with fully automatic feeding and transport systems before forging
• continuous induction heating systems for long parts like bars, tubes or sheets for the process of forging, annealing, tempering, drying
• bars ends and tubes ends induction heating systems
• heating of steel, austenitic steel, copper, brass, aluminium, graphite and others
• heating of billets, bars, tubes, pipes, flat bars, sheets, wires
• power supplies 3kW - 4000kW

Heat treatment
• vertical and horizontal induction hardening systems
• CNC or PLC control systems
• frequency converters power 30kW - 500kW, frequency 500Hz - 500kHz
• hardening and tempering process control and monitoring for each part
• automatic parts loading and unloading systems
• integrated induction tempering systems

• induction welding of pipes, tubes and profiles
• HF frequency converters power 30kW - 150kW, frequency 200kHz - 500kHz

• manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic induction brazing systems
• brazing of steel, copper, brass, aluminium etc.
• brazing carbides, tubes, flat bars and other parts

Frequency converters
• IGBT MF frequency converters power 3kW - 600kW
• MOSFET HF frequency converters power 2kW - 150kW
• Thyristor frequency converters power 100kW - 4000kW
• our own converters contruction and uP control system solutions
• easy integration to production lines
• converters service
• spare parts

Complete production lines
• project, delivery, installation and start-up of complete production lines
• technology research, development and implementation

• heating and hardening inductors design, manufacture and rapairs
• coreless and channel furnaces coils repairs
• induction systems repairs, modernizations
• project and modernization of cooling systems
• frequency converters service (all producers)
• spare parts
Business sector
Welding equipment and accessories
Soldering equipment and accessories
Heat treatment
Power Electronics
Process lines - design and implementation
Machines, equipment and technologies for thermal treatment
Production process automation and mechanisation
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