Technigo marka handlowa ASTEN GROUP Sp. z o.o.

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Technigo - laser technology and industrial equipment
The largest part of Technigo's offerings comprises laser devices, including markers
and cleaning lasers. These highly energy-saving devices allow you to maintain a clean
zone and, importantly, they do not degrade the serviced surfaces. It's worth noting
that our lasers can be successfully used to clean injection molds without removing
them from the machine.

Our Offer:
- laser devices: cleaning lasers, laser markers, handheld laser welding machines and industrial cutting lasers
- security fencing
- assembly tables
- injection mold equipment
- plastic tanks
- detail tanks
- technical chemistry, tools, connectors and magnets
Business sector
3D laser cutting
Laser optics systems
Laser sources
Laser tagging and laser description technologies
Welding machines, equipment and accessories
Cutting machines, equipment and accessories
Laser welding, lasers
Welding, laser welding
Industrial safety and hygiene at work, protective equipment and machines
Lasers dedicated for production systems
Laser processing of metals
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