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TechFast Group is a renowned supplier of specialized fasteners to leading industries. Our company has earned a reputation for quality, service and reliability. Changing requirements and new market trends make the company constantly develop. Our customers can be sure that cooperation with us will allow them to enjoy the latest technologies and achievements in the fastener industry. Our team focuses on working from the early stages of design through to production. We provide support in the selection of fasteners and assembly methods to ensure optimization of all processes before production begins. Our portfolio includes products that are used in industries such as: electronics, automotive, transport, railways, aviation, construction of machines and devices, precision mechanics, construction.
Prasa do elementów wciskanych Miller-Pressen MP 1065-E
Prasa do elementów wciskanych Miller-Pressen MP 1065-E
Business sector
Industrial fixing and fasteners (screws, nuts, pins, washers, rivets, dowels, plugs and anchors, springs, clamps, fasteners, nails, glues and adhesives, tapes)
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