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SUMARIS Group is an experienced partner and supplier of equipment, materials, parts as well as services in the field of production and repair of injection molds and other tools within the plastics processing industry.
For over 15 years of close cooperation with Piggy Bank, we have been offering a wide range of devices and materials for toolmakers. Our offer includes, among others: micromotors, ultrasonic polishing systems, workshop equipment, microwelders and welding machines from the piggyWelder series, which combine power and accuracy, ensuring the highest welding precision. With the goal of improving metalworking, we also offer a selection of Accu-Lube oil made of non-toxic, renewable plant materials – environmentally friendly! These biologically renewable fluids are an excellent lubricant to extend the life of your implements. Additionally, we offer SFIDA electrospindles that increase the rotational capabilities of milling machines.
LaserPoint is a project within the SUMARIS Group focused on laser welding and laser engraving services in the molding industry. From mid-2020, LaserPoint started the independent production of laser welding systems - these laser welders are entirely manufactured at the plant in Zlotniki near Poznan. With a sleek and simple design in mind, laser welding equipment has been created to be practical, while at the same time meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. These systems allow the repair of damaged surfaces and modification of markings and logos directly in-house, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming transport of molds/tools to external companies. The choice of Laserpoint laser welders is the result of continous development and the use of many years of experience in the repair and construction of tools for the plastics and rubber processing industry.
The dynamically developing branch of 3D metal printing offers future-oriented solutions in the field of broadly understood technical, prosthetics and medicine industries. At SUMARIS Group we create prints from various stainless steels, tool steels, cobalt-chrome alloys, aluminum, titanium and even precious metals. Some of the highlights of the 3D printing components are parts that find application in molding industry in form of conformal cooling and venting inserts, in plastics processing field with water channel nozzles, as well as various prototypes. We also make prints and build-ups on existing elements.
These and many other systems and accessories for welding and metalworking will be on display at our SUMARIS stand at the upcoming STOM trade fair.
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Welding machines, equipment and accessories
Laser welding, lasers
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Welding services, maintenance
Welding, laser welding
Lasers dedicated for production systems
Laser processing of metals
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