SERON Sp. z o.o.

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Driven by passion for modern technologies, we are constantly strengthening our position in the CNC machine industry. We translate over 20 years of experience into the quality of our products. Thanks to this, we gain precise, high-performance numerically controlled machine tools such as: multi-axis CNC machining centers, CNC milling plotters, CNC cutters, Fiber laser cutters, CNC plasma cutters.
These products are the result of a combination of many years of experience, passion, determination to act and development of our staff. The devices are designed and manufactured in the heart of the Central Industrial District - Stalowa Wola. It is a region with a rich industrial heritage with an engineering staff with material and machining experience.

People are the foundation of our company. It is their experience, openness and creativity that make us achieve such rapid technological progress.

Seron machines are widely used in many industry sectors. Our reliable devices automate the work of the metal, construction, electronics, furniture, advertising and many other industries. These devices are perfect for 24/7 work. Each of them is configured for individual customer needs. We are convinced that the numerical machines we offer, built on the basis of the Industry 4.0 concept, are the future of many entrepreneurs both from Poland and abroad, because they enable the automation of production, reduction of its costs by shortening the processing time, repeatability and precision.
Business sector
Working of pipes and sections
Cutting machines, equipment and accessories
CNC lathes
Specialist Publishing Houses, Specialist Literature
Lasers dedicated for production systems
Laser processing of metals
Production process automation and mechanisation
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