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Regnator sp. z o.o. is a company with 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of ERP, WMS and IoT software. Our system is created in accordance with the concept of digital transformation of Industry 4.0. It consists of 11 closely integrated modules that will allow your company to operate much more efficiently. We particularly specialize in solutions for manufacturing and warehouse companies, making the advanced warehouse, manufacturing and weighing modules our flagship solutions. A great advantage is that our system is not a single, hermetic structure, on the contrary: it is always tailored to the customer and future users of a particular copy of the system. This guarantees that the system will meet all the requirements set.

Information about the modules mentioned above:

Our WMS solution is a broad spectrum of functionality: detailed marking of the assortment using many different parameters tailored to the customer's needs and determining the storage locations of individual goods. The software also collects all data regarding a particular warehouse parcel, which allows you to create a detailed history of its interaction. This module has also a label creator, which allows you to customize labels to your needs in any way you want and an assortment symbol creator giving you full control over the definition of labels for your assortment. Our WMS also allows you to manage your warehouse using mobile terminals with dedicated software.

Production management system is a comprehensive solution for all kinds of manufacturing companies. A set of key solutions will satisfy the most demanding customers. Handling production orders, creating a production plan, planning the purchase of raw materials, reserving materials from the warehouse, calculating production costs, planning the sale of finished products, production scheduling, quality control, tracking the performance of the production floor and employees, accounting for production, conducting warehouse management, reporting and analysing the course of operations are just the most important elements of our program.

Weighing module is a complete application for handling weighing processes on truck and overhead scales. The program offers a number of functionalities such as: integration with IP cameras and barriers, implementation of RFID cards for drivers, possibility of integration with license plate recognition systems, printing of weighing receipts on classic printers and POS receipt printers, weighing from multiple computers, notification system (e-mail and SMS), as well as the system of integration of all weighing locations via a specially designed overlay. In addition, using other modules of our software, Regnator can enrich the weighing system with personalized functionality for your company. The application is multi-platform and can be used via a personal computer, mobile device and via a web browser.
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