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Proton Filters is a Polish company specializing in the design and production of filters.
Many years of experience and many successful implementations make us a trustworthy business partner for all companies struggling with air and oil filtration problems.
Our wide offer includes over 3,000 cartridges providing filtration solutions for many industries.
We specialize in the filtration of dust and fumes from industrial processes such as:
- welding
- metallization, sandblasting, deburring, powder coating systems
- grinding, mixing and filling systems
- dust removal from silos
- grinding and polishing
- dust collection from thermal cutting (laser and plasma cutting)
- pneumatic transport
- and other
In its product range, PROTON offers pleated filter inserts in a wide range of shapes and sizes (from standard cylindrical filters to panel filters and filter cassettes).
The type of cartridge and certified filter material is individually adapted to the appropriate production process while maintaining appropriate standards, which means that our products can also be used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Our engineers fulfill their passion by providing our customers with solutions for many filtration applications, such as oil and gas, process and coalescing filtration.
In addition, we offer a wide range of hydraulic cartridges: low, medium and high pressure for operation in a wide range of temperatures, both for use in standard and extreme operating conditions.
Our hydraulic pressure filters are perfect for industrial and mobile applications.
Depending on customer needs, our range of hydraulic filters is designed for suction, pressure and return applications, providing effective solutions to control contamination in hydraulic systems
We also operate in the broadly understood manufacturing sector - Proton designs and produces highly efficient separation cartridges for removing oil mist from heavily oiled production workshops, thus minimizing post-production contamination with oil degradation products.
Our solution optimizes equipment performance, ensures safe and clean operation,
It cares for the environment and limits costly repairs and maintenance of its machinery.
We are a supplier of gas inserts to leading transmission network operators.
Our gas filter inserts can be used for all types of natural gas, LPG or non-corrosive gases. These filter elements are widely used to protect control devices, pressure regulators, meters and systems requiring a high degree of filtration.
Please contact us directly: stand I-89
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